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  1. 1973 CB350G survivor. Sale or trade.

    Bikes For Sale
    Iris Purple beauty. 11,800 miles. New tires and a few other rubber parts replaced. $2995.00 or trade for a CB or CL 250 1968-1972. Let me know what you have.
  2. CB350G Oil passageway rubber ball

    Engine Discussion
    I’m certainly a newbie on engine work and apologies if this has been asked many times before but . . . what is the function of the small rubber ball in the oil passage behind the oil pump? Does it act as a kind of valve or is it just a stopping plug? I did put it in when I put my cases...
  3. WANTED: 1973 CB350G Upper Triple Tree!

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Broke the upper triple tree on my 73 cb350g somehow. Looking for anyone that might have a replacement... Thanks!
  4. CB350 parts for sale

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    1973 CB350G parts: new condenser $5 3 un-used champion spark plugs $5 A pair of nearly new Uni-Filter $15 A good speedometer (odometer knob broken off) with speedo/tach bracket $15 Front disk brake assembly $20 Original stock coil with bracket $15 A good stock horn $15 Various clean stock carb...
  5. CB350G another Tire Size thread.

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I'm looking to get a new set of tires on my '73 CB350G. It has the stock rims. This is the first time I've purchased tires so I'm trying to figure all these measurements out. My number one concern is performance (speed and handling). I've read all the threads about oversized tires, and I get...
  6. new '73 CB350G owner, Brooklyn NY

    Member Introductions
    I picked up this '73 a couple months ago, it needed very little to get it running. It's real clean, 6xxx miles, already had Mikunis on it. I haven't had a bike in over 20 years. Mostly rode dirt bikes as a kid. It's running great and I'm having a blast with it. I put a set of CB400 handlebars...
  7. 1973 CB350G - Canadian Noob Build (Gotta start somewhere!)

    Project Logs
    We've all been there. A new endeavor. Something unfamiliar yet you're ready to face the challenge. So I will try to keep these posts short and concise and right off the bat will say how glad I am to have found this forum. I've been kicking around on here since mid summer of 2014 because I've...