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  1. Stripped bolt on my front fork of my 1973 CB350

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    The bolt on the bottom of my front forks are stripped. I don't know how to get it out. Screw extractors aren't long enough to reach it. Has anybody had this problem? Do I just have to buy new forks?
  2. 1971 CB350K3 Fork Oil Quantity

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hello listmates and mechanical geniuses, Rebuilt my 1971 (external spring year) front forks and have them installed. I read somewhere that 200cc of 10w fork oil is the way to go for filling these forks and have done so. Unfortunately, my suspension seems dangerously stiff and will not depress...
  3. cb350 Charging Issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to the page but was hoping I could get some information. I have a 1973 Honda cb350 and the battery is not charging. Bike runs pretty good, bike off battery voltage is idle 12.5v...revved 12.6 v. Battery is new Motobat from Common Motor Collective, rectifier has been...
  4. 72 CB350 Rebuild // rusty n crusty

    Project Logs
    I picked up my bike back in 2014. It was in pretty rough shape with 22k miles on the tach, but I eventually turned it into a pretty reliable little commuter. I mostly ride it short distances around town with the occasional cruise on some country roads - It runs pretty well but the whole time...
  5. 71 cb350 timing issues?

    Mechanical Issues
    Hi y'all, I check this site frequently but this is my first post. I bought the bike about a year ago, it's my first bike. That might be the problem. Over the winter, I attempted a rebuild, which included electronic ignition from CMC. The shockwave ignition system. Upon first assembly, I...
  6. 71 CB350 Suspension Reinstallation

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hello listmates, I am having an absolute nightmare of a time reinstalling my cb350 front forks. They're the kind with the external spring, currently no fork oil in them. Pic below of how I have it set up right now. I have ropes tied to keep the forks lined up with the triple tree. My friend...
  7. 73 CB350 Crash Bar bolts

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello, recently bought a 73 CB350. Came with the crash bar but no bolts. Was wondering what are the correct parts needed to attach it. Thanks!
  8. strange idle mix issue

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    1971 cb350 (stock) Hello all. I am having an odd issue with one of my carbs, using this video as a reference. A motorcycle nut: cb350 carb tuning I set the mix 1 turn out, then warm up the bike (it does this if its warm or not). When I adjust the mixture screw, the idle decreases steadily as I...
  9. 72' CB350 - One Cylinder Sputters When Cruising, Runs Great When Accelerating or Under Load

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey All, I have a 1972 CB350 that I'm reviving. So far it's been a fairly straight forward project but I've been struggling to resolve this issue. When I accelerate or even go up a steep hill, both cylinders run great and pull strongly. Once I get up to speed, (regardless of speed or RMP) the...
  10. Loosing Acceleration and Fluttering over 4000 rpm CB350

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    tGood morning all! I recently rebuilt this cb350 engine and cleaned the carbs (replaced diaphragm). When in 1st and second gear it is noticeable that it will not continue to accelerate even over as much as 3000rpm and it just holds and flutters. My assumption is and air leak but I did have a...
  11. Tach Cover Oil Leak...Possible backwards gasket install CB350

    Engine Discussion
    I have a massive oil leak on one side of the tach cover (Side without cable). I have tried everything to contain but I am now thinking Maybe when re assembling I possibley installed the gasket with the hole on the otherside which would not allow oil into the reservoir below the cable...
  12. Oil Leak Tach cover Non Cable side CB350

    Engine Discussion
    Good afternoon, I recently rebuilt the engine after changing the shifter drum and everything started ok but my biggest fear was realized, there was a significant oil leak coming from the tach cover on the left side (not cable side). I changed the gasket twice and can not torque the bolts...
  13. 69 CB350 front brake cable sensor

    Electrical Issues
    I’m looking for advice on what to do with my 69 CB350 front brake cable. I can’t find an OE cable that has the electrical sensor inline. All the replacements don’t have said inline sensor. What do I do? I really don’t like the idea of the front brake not illuminating the rear brake light when...
  14. Mikuni VM30 Carb Leak

    Mechanical Issues
    Hello hondatwins community, The set of mikuni VM30s I have on my cb350 have been troublesome since I've owned this bike. Most recently, I've noticed a fuel leak from the fuel line attached to the float bowl at the bottom of the right side carb. It's causing the bike to have difficulty starting...
  15. Long Time Lurker owner of a 72 CB350K4 in Bacchus Olive Green

    Member Introductions
    Hi All, Long time lurker on the forum, previously used the massive resource of knowledge and experience when I owned my first Honda twin, a Yellow 78 CJ250T. Sadly it got stolen and wrecked.... Fast forward past a few terrible bikes, including a Ural Solo last spring when I picked up...
  16. Member Introduction

    Member Introductions
    I apologize for making my first post before my official introduction. I have been reading this site for years but finally needed to chat, and I got too excited... I'm close to 30 years old, I live in Northern MN. I currently have two of my own bikes that I have restored, and a third bike of a...
  17. 71 CB250/350 oil galleries question

    Engine Discussion
    Gday All, I'm in the final stages of restoring a 71 CB250 (K3) and have an oil leak from the top end that keeps plaguing me. I have resealed and replaced the rocker cover gasket several times but it keeps blowing out in the same location which is the corner above the left exhaust valve. When it...
  18. Houston Hondas, ‘72 CB350 and ‘74 CL125S

    Member Introductions
    Hello all, Brady here, out in Houston, Texas. Joined the site to get some general knowledge and see some badass bikes! I have, as seen below, a 1972 CB350, (12,600 miles) which belonged to my dad, brought to Texas in 1983 and shed kept. It made its triumphant return in February of this year...
  19. New guy introduction

    Member Introductions
    Hi all, I’ve been hanging out here for a while, but never introduced myself. I live in western Colorado USA and have tested positive for motorcycle sickness. I’m retired and for the last 20 years or so had ridden a BMW. Then I bought a dead Honda VFR800 for a project. I love it so much I sold...
  20. 1976 CB360t Parts Lot

    Parts For Sale
    Assorted parts from an electric conversion project of a 1976 CB360t. Have pretty much everything relating to the gas operation of the bike. Located in Philadelphia, PA. Photos here: Honda CB 360 Parts - motorcycle parts - by owner - vehicle... Have some large components such as the engine...