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cb350 carburetor

  1. CB350 carb rebuild - felt and aluminum washers?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    In a prior post about 5 years ago (by member Yendor), it was recommended to oil a felt washer on the throttle when rebuilding the carbs, otherwise there will be problems. I've rebuilt my CL350 carbs (after dunking in carb cleaner) and am now rebuilding another set for my CB350 yet on neither...
  2. Some advice about whether to "rescue" a 1972 CB350 for my project

    Member Introductions
    Hello People, My first post on this forum, so here goes. I'm interested in building a scrambler/tracker/bobber and have been looking for a donor bike to start with. The Honda CB350 seems to be a good prospect as it's fast enough for the highway and nice and light, plus it's a Honda so should...