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  1. Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I was just installing my rear wheel and discovered that I misplaced/lost one of the two rear wheel axle spacers. Since they are different sizes does anyone have a measurement for both of them so I can figure out which one I am missing?
  2. Miscellaneous Historical Printed Literature
    Hello guys New on here can anyone send me repair/service manual for HONDA HIGHNESS CB350 ALSO THE DIFFERENT OEM LIST LINK PLEASE THANK YOU
  3. Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I am currently in the market for some new tires and there are not many options for the rims currently on the bike. I have a CB350 K3 and the previous owner put stock CL rims on them from what I can tell (3.00-19 Front and 3.50-18 rear). My question is, if I found another 3.50-18 rear stock rim...
1-3 of 3 Results