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  1. New rider new (to me) CB

    Member Introductions
    Hi! Exited to join the club. New rider in the philly area. Just brought home my CB250 (93). Looking forward to learning to ride and wrench. Any only manuals for this bike or should I look into the Clymer book? thanks!
  2. Hi from SE Michigan!

    Member Introductions
    Hey All! I started riding back in 2012 when I bought a 150 cc GY6 scooter. Rode that around a couple of years. It was fairly reliable, but I still had to work on it regularly. I've been working on my own cars my whole life but two wheeled carb vehicles was new to me. I learned a good amount...
  3. 71 CB250/350 oil galleries question

    Engine Discussion
    Gday All, I'm in the final stages of restoring a 71 CB250 (K3) and have an oil leak from the top end that keeps plaguing me. I have resealed and replaced the rocker cover gasket several times but it keeps blowing out in the same location which is the corner above the left exhaust valve. When it...
  4. Unobtainable Part? - Frame/Rear Fender Grommet "80102-292-670"

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Of all the pieces of the rebuild of the CB-250 K4, one part has eluded me since the start almost 2 years ago. Grommet "80102-292-670" appears at least to me, to be unobtainable. I have tried most of the famous spares sites from David Silver Spares, Consolidated Motor Spares, Common Motor to...
  5. Honda Mash 1974 CL360T and 1982 CB250

    Project Logs
    Hi Guys, Im new to Honda Twins and i recently picked up an interesting First time project. I have a CB250 Frame, with a CL360T Motor, which i am hoping to turn into a Cafe Racer. This is my first project and your guys help and Knowledge would be very much appreciated. :) I do believe that this...
  6. 1974 CB-250 K Seat Lock - Removal of Core Cir-Clip

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    1974 CB-250 K Seat Lock - Removal of Core E-Clip *SOLVED* -------------------------------------------------------- ISSUE SOLVED PLEASE REFER TO "the-chauffeur's" POST DOWN THE THREAD -------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I've been having a rather interesting time...
  7. New member from The Netherlands, CB250 and CB360

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to this forum but found out there is a lot of info and fast answers to questions so created an account. I'm from the Netherlands, been riding dirtbikes (motocross) since I'm 6 years old, so for 16 years now. Got my licence for riding a motorcycle last summer and...
  8. Fuego: 2000 Nighthawk 250

    Project Logs
    Originally got a 1978 CB125s to chop and cafe. I just couldn't do it. Everything was original, and it is a really good looking bike. So i decided to take care of it and fix it up, keep clean. With the urge to mess around I decided to get a second bike. Found a nighthawk 250 and a great deal to...
  9. 92 CB250 CDI Wiring from scratch

    Electrical Discussion
    New to the forum, hope you guys can help me out. I searched the forum, but no luck. So I'm trying to help a friend with his project. It's a custom trike with a '92 CB250 Nighthawk engine. The wiring is just hacked up bits and pieces, and I need help getting it wired to run. I have a wiring...
  10. Nighthawk 250 dies on throttle.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Recently acquired a 2000 Nighthawk 250 for $200. couldn't help but buy the thing. It's in bit of a rough condition. It was dropped few times, dings and dents are everywhere. It does start right up, and everything seems to be functioning for the most part. After starting up, it sounds like the...
  11. Honda CL style exhaust for nighthawk 250

    Engine Discussion
    I'm sure this has been asked before. Contemplating how I can achieve the CL style pipes on my nighthawk 250. I've found CL360 exhausts on craigs but before I decided to buy I need some advice. I'm guessing that it wont be a bolt on mod. Anyone else try this?
  12. 1974 honda cb250G

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hi Guys Trying to find a hard copy or pdf version of a 1974 cb250G5 ( i think) manual.... dunning dumb brakes. Also what is the best way to find out the history of my actual bike? where it was sold? registration doesn't come up in aus. cheers
  13. CB250N Superdream Carburetur problem

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello, I am a new member on this forum and I am looking for some help on some issues I am having. I recently bought a CB 250 superdream, that has been chopped into the style of a rat rod. I was assured that the engine was sound and running and everything on the bike was good. Having recently...
  14. 1993 cb250 nighthawk stator questions

    Electrical Discussion
    Just a couple questions-- everything is stock on this bike. I'm looking into getting this headlight: Black Twin Headlight Motorcycle Double Dual Lamp Street Fighter Naked Dominator | eBay My question is will the stator be able to handle almost twice the bulb wattage? Thanks in advance.
  15. Honda cb250 carburetor problem

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I bought a Honda cb250 1993 nighthawk after he spent six months without use and now has the problem of flooding carburetor, when the motorcycle on the side Jack is turned off, and sometimes when he stops he also turns off. First'd love to know if the carburetor cleaning can help solve the...
  16. NEWBIE QUESTION!- what other tanks would fit on a CB250 nighthawk -'95

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to this forum, new to Hondas and new to doing up bikes, but I bought a CB250n rode and I love it, I want to change the tank, can anyone suggest a tank that would fit straight in? I'm in the process of giving it a lot of tlc and creating a bit of a cafe racer (hopefully).Preferably...