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  1. 1968 Honda CB160 "Baby Hawk"

    Project Logs
    I decided to start a log for my CB160 "refurbishing" project. This will not be a restoration but I figured some people might find the process interesting. I find I always learn something new by watching the way other approach projects so maybe someone will pick something up from this one. I...
  2. CB160 - Refurbish or leave it alone?

    Engine Discussion
    I wasn't sure where to post this so since the issue primarily involves the engine at the moment I figured this section made the most sense. I bought this CB160 several years ago and it has been my go-to Vintage Days bike ever since. It runs well and no matter how it's put away each fall it...
  3. 1965 cb160 and 1969 cb350E

    Engine Discussion
    on occasion, I need help with my good running Honda cb160 and cb350E First question: How do you set the timing chain tension on my 1965 cb 160? I have set the rotor to "T" on the compression stroke of the left cylinder,, then I loosened the nut on the cam chain retaining screw and loosened the...
  4. My honda cb160 project (member intro)

    Member Introductions
    My name is Berkhan, and I have bought an old 1966 Honda CB160 as a barn find from Craigslist. Me and my dad have been working on it for 1 and a half years but now its finally complete and runs. But because it was sitting in a shed for 40 years it still has some things that need fixing. This is a...
  5. hello

    Member Introductions
    1966 cb160 sport
  6. I really need help with my 1967 honda cb160 carburators and fuel tank, etc.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I'm working on a 1967 Honda CB160 that is almost ready to be on the road. The only problem is I don't know some of the hose connections and I really need help cause nobody can find out where they go. This is my very first project motorcycle by the way. I need to know what that is on the...
  7. CB160 Charging

    Electrical Discussion
    So in the wiring diagram it says that the brown wire from the rectifier connects to light green w/ red off the crank. Is this correct? The green w/ red trace wire goes to the nuetral switch which im deleting, so could I just remove the green w/ red trace and the brown from the rectifier...
  8. cb160 Gas tank

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    Hello, i have a brand new cb 160 gas tank that still has the factory primer on it and has never had any gas in it. i was wondering how much it is worth i also have 2 s90 gas tanks that are in the same condition. thanks.
  9. CB160 First Bike Project (Rear shock help!)

    Project Logs
    Afternoon everyone I'm 20 years old and just bought my first motorcycle. I don't have any experience riding but I figured what the heck can't be too hard. Im mechanically solid so fixing up an old bike like this should be fun. Here we have a 1966 Honda CB160 with a title! I plan on selling the...
  10. '67 cb160 redling at idle

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    throttle is at the idle position i rebuilt the carbs and they appear to be synced the engine floods sometime i fixed that but the engine goes straight to redline after starting and stays there i tried to adjust both the idle and other screws i believe its the air mixture screw i messed with both...
  11. 65' CB160 LED headlight upgrade

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys! New User, but I have been creeping on Hondatwins for a few months now gathering info for my 65' cb160. I was lucky enough to find a cb160 that was in pretty good shape and still in the original owners hands. I have managed to get it running and riding but have run into the problem of...
  12. WTB: CB160 tank side covers, emblems, and pipes.

    Parts For Sale
    Like the title states, I'm looking for this stuff. Side covers can be rusty and crappy, don't care. Would like decent used pipes. Please let me know what you have. I'm in Northeast Ohio and am willing to drive a bit to pick up. Thanks.
  13. 1966 honda cb160 makuni vm20

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    hi all i just took on a project here i am new to this bike and i have some questions on what carbs. whatare the right aftermarket carbs for this bike? i got some makuni vm20 but they are a bit wider than the intake manifold is there adapters for this model carb? or did i get the wrong carbs...
  14. Rebirth of a CB160. From rusting commuter bike to swish cafe racer.

    Pictures and Videos
    The start. A non-running, undocumented, heap. The engine filthy. No exhaust. carbs fully of goop. First to strip the bike down. And here let me give anyone reading this and thinking, "I'll do that" a word of hard won knowledge. Don't do that. Buy a rough running bike and fix one thing per...
  15. Too lean? Detonation? CB160

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    DH8A spark plugs show white insulator with some tiny brown specks - specks reportedly indicate detonation so thinking lean mix... However... insulator also shows a smoke ring at the base so main jet and plug heat range seem compatible. Also it gets a higher top speed with a leaner main jet...
  16. CB160 no mid-range power

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hola Folks, Bought a '66 CB160 back in April and have been getting it back in order the last two months. For the carbs, I had to replace the float needles, float gaskets and the left carb was missing the air screw and choke. I replaced the air screw and spring but the right side carb is the...
  17. Honda CB160 Intake/Exhaust Valves

    Engine Discussion
    Hey new to the forum, i Received and extra set of new/old stock Intake & Exhaust Valves from Taiwan. Friend told me to post on here paid $142.00 USD. Send me a message if your interested and would like pictures.
  18. 1966 Honda Cb160

    Bikes For Sale
    Beautiful 1966 Honda Cb160. Has 5600 original miles. Runs great, freshly rebuilt carbs and a new battery. Also included is the original handlebars, seat strap, both mirrors and fender deflector. Super nice. $3300 OBO Located in Newcomerstown, Ohio. Title is clear.
  19. 1967 CB160 Cafe Build

    Project Logs
    Looking for recommendations for cafe seat, rear mud guard and front fender. Looking for anyone who has put a new cafe seat on cb160. Looking for something that will hopefully bolt on without frame mods. Also not going to use original fenders. Was thinking of using this for rear fender...
  20. 1965 CB160 Cafe Project. New Member with Lots of Pictures!

    Project Logs
    Wanted to share my current project as well as introduce myself. My name is AJ and I live in So Cal. I picked up this 1965 Cb160 a little over a month ago now after visiting Lossa Engineering in Long Beach California. While at Jay's shop I fell in love with a bike he had there and decided to...