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  1. CB100 compatibility with XL125?

    Other Bikes
    I have a bit of a basket case bike I picked up over the summer. It was cheap... As winter sets in I am planning on doing a full overhaul to the bike with a few upgrades. The overall mechanics of the bike are in working order with the exception of the airbox and kickstart gear shaft. I'd love...
  2. Belgian guy, Honda CB125 K5 1971 German

    Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm a Belgian guy with a 1971 Honda CB125 K5 originally from Germany. The bike has those distinct German indicator lights. I bought it looking like brand new but the bike was a mechanical mess. I had the head bored to .75 oversize with new pistons and piston rings. Also the valves got...
  3. CL125 Lighting Beam Switch Wiring Question

    Electrical Discussion
    I am replacing the switch with an aftermarket switch. The current switch has 8 wires. There is a Blue, White, Brown, Yellow, White/Yellow, Black/White, and 2 black wires. Here is what I know... The Blue wire is the high beam and the White wire is the low beam to the headlight. The Brown is...
  4. 1978 cb125s front brake arm

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Greetings, I have a 1978 cb125s and I am attempting to fix the front disc brake. I am specifically looking for part# 45320-397-720 or 45320-324-700. All the parts places I have contacted online no longer have these parts available. I would be interested in buying the parts I need if anyone...
  5. 1978 Honda CB125S from NY

    Member Introductions
    Hello from upstate NY! I've been surfing the forums here admiring the larger twins but my bike is a little one cylinder 1978 Honda CB125S. I bought it last year from an older gentleman who runs a small bike shop. Just under 9000 miles on the odometer and she runs pretty well, cruises at 50 mph...