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  1. Tips And Tricks
    I have a honda cb100. I have fixed most of the problems but the one that i'm hesitant to tackle is the kick lever and spindle. I have a kickstart lever that has been welded on by someone who had the bike before me. The kick doesn't stay up when it's used so I believe the spring needs to be...
  2. Electrical Issues
    So I just bought a honda cb100 and it runs great. I had some issues with the carb but they have since been fixed after I took it apart. However the problem i’m looking at now is I have no lights. None come on even when I messed with the switches. The horn works and the neutral indicator comes on...
  3. Other Bikes
    I have a bit of a basket case bike I picked up over the summer. It was cheap... As winter sets in I am planning on doing a full overhaul to the bike with a few upgrades. The overall mechanics of the bike are in working order with the exception of the airbox and kickstart gear shaft. I'd love...
  4. Other Bikes
    Does anybody have a cb100 case gasket they could measure the thickness of for me? Thanks!