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  1. Bikes For Sale
    75 CB200T Detroit MI $1000 OBO Runs & rides, but needs fine tuning, lots of original parts if you want to part it out (tank, seat pan, air boxes, emblems, suspension, gauges, etc) but also has all upgraded LED lighting, ballistic Evo 6 battery, and updated electrics. Came with aftermarket...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Cb 200 So my crankase is full of aluminium particles caused by loose cam chain, from what i can tell this has happened to 90% of these bikes at some stage. So im after info on how to best flush it out without splitting it, it was done a few years ago and is sealed up nice, dont really wanna...
  3. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello everyone, I'm a new member to this forum. I have been trying without success to locate two OEM slow jets for my 1975 Honda CB200T. I recently purchased two lousy eBay carburetor rebuild kits, but the provided replacement slow jets are making the bike run way too rich at idle even though...
  4. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi Just wondering if you guys know if you can fit a cb 350twin engine into a cb 200 twin 1976?? cheers my bike
1-4 of 4 Results