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  1. No power above 6k RPM after carb rebuild.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi there! A bit of background: My 1973 CL350K5 was running well and a few weeks ago I stripped lots of parts off to clean, replace old gaskets, rebuild brakes etc. During this process I didn't touch the engine but installed new stock air filters, replaced the rectifier and regulator with a new...
  2. CM400T - Wrong Carb

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I have a 1981 CM400T that I bought off of Craigslist. I have began replacing the airbox with pod filters and have come across an issue with my carburetor. the carburetor I have is not the original carb. it's actually off of a CM450E. I had, what I thought was, the right size jets to rejet...
  3. In dire need of carb body

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I recently purchased some carbs in rough shape from someone on this forum. After putting in a lot of work they actually cleaned up really nicely. Here's some after and before: In the final steps of getting them ready to install, I screwed up big time... As many of you know main jets are a...
  4. Help with throttling issue please

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Just got a 1980 cm400t. Was barely running and had sat for a long time. New coil pack, cdi box, battery, and wiring. Problem came when I rebuilt the carb and acceleration pump. After rebuilding it idles fine and at low rpms throttles fine, but if I crank the throttle back fast or hard it gets...
  5. WTB: FLOAT BOWL for '73 CB 350 Keihin carb

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I need to replace the float bowl on my late style Keihin carburetor for a CB350. Let me know if you have one to sell, please! Or where I might find one.
  6. 1981 CM400E summer project help

    Member Introductions
    Hello all, its cyr. Super super grateful to have found this form, very eager to tap into the knowledge of anyone who has any to spare. First post on this form so here is my go at following the list.:p 1.) Location: West Texas. 2.) Year, Make, Model: 1981 (Honda) CM400E with 11,198 miles Lets...
  7. Gas Leaks In Right Cylinder

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I left the petcock on my cm400t for a few days and found that though it was leaning left on kickstand gas had filled the opposit cylinder and I had to remove plug to let out the gas cause of pressure buildup so that it would turnover and start.. My first thought is float needle isn't seated or...
  8. She idles fine on choke but revs way high the moment she gets any more air. Help?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi guys! I could use the some herd wisdom in solving what I think is a carburetor problem. I bought myself my first bike for Xmas 2017, a cafe-style '74 CB360. It was a daily commuter for the guy I bought it from so naturally it kicked over and ran fine when I bought it. But because I couldn't...
  9. 1968 CL175 Carburetor relief valve missing

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    So I'm working on an old 68' CL175 and after taking off the carbs for some inspecting, I noticed that one of the carbs is missing the little flap on door of the choke valve. After digging through the shop manual I think I've figured out that it is the relief valve. It looks like there may have...
  10. CA160 sooty black plugs, runs rough

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello All - I am new here, new to the CA160, but not new to motorcycles. The bike is somewhat difficult to start when cold, half choking it helps a little. Still have to kick it a bunch, and catch it just right with the throttle. Runs pretty darn rough when warmed up, cannot set idle (idles high...
  11. 1975 CB200T Carburetor Disassembly Help

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi everyone, I tried to search around this forum a little but couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I'm not new to wrenching but I am new to motorcycles and I bought this CB200 about a month ago with a few issues. I'm starting to go through the fuel system. I'm in the middle of...
  12. Revs go REALLY HIGH at startup with throttle application!!

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Revs REALLY HIGH at startup without throttle application!! Hello you beautiful souls. So I recently got my cl350 running again not that it never was but changing cables and cleaning carbs, but I'm having a problem with it reving very high at start up and it never did that before. It goes up...
  13. CB500T Carb question

    Tune Up
    Good day everyone! I am posting this because i am having a crap shoot trying to tune my carburetors. I am running stock air boxes and filters with a custom exhaust. The right side is running rich while the left is running pretty perfect. I had 155 main jets in both sides with #38 pilots but I...
  14. 74 CB450 Carb Choke Plate Linkage Issue

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey all, just joined this group. Recently bought my first bike, a 1974 CB450 K7. I'm going through it and doing some maintenance, been working on my own cars for awhile but honestly know nothing about motorcycles. Dunno if specific trouble shooting is welcome here but thought I'd give it a shot...
  15. Honda Cl350 Velocity stacks Jetting

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey all, Finished my bike, just trying to get it running smoothly. Starts right up, idles fine, but bogs down when i'm riding and give it gas. I have nice velocity stacks with foam (see link below), and also shorty mufflers, so i know this can be tricky with the old Keihins 3D's. I upped...
  16. 1972 CL350K3 Scrambler Bogging/no power under 3000 RPMS

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey Friends! I recently purchased a non-running cl350, and after cleaning the carbs and a few other things I got it running. Idles like a champ. I just put throttle cables on it and a clutch (they were missing when I first got it). So yesterday I went for my first test ride and found that it...
  17. Help! Cant Remove Carburetor Top From Throttle Cable.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I am replacing the old carburetor on my 1978 CM185t with a new one. The cap/top from the old carburetor is stuck on the throttle cable and I cannot see a way to remove it without cutting and replacing the cable. The cap/top spins freely on a small metal elbow the cable goes through and does not...
  18. 1979 CM185T Carburetor Issues and Advice

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey hey! I recently replace my OEM carb with a cheap aftermarket Chinese carb. BIG MISTAKE! Now my bike runs like ****, especially at Honda specs. Of course now, I can't find an OEM carb for my bike worth my money. Most are in crap shape. Would a CM200 carb work on my 185? There seems...
  19. What causes this to weep?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I've check the float height and it is the same on both carbs yet only this one weeps.
  20. Air leak sound? [video]

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    In the space of a week, my bike went from the best it's ever ran to not running at all on the right cylinder without choke. The only way I'm verifying this is that the right side header is only warm, not scald your skin clean off hot. If anybody has a better way to verify if a cylinder is...