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carburetor problem

  1. Carb suddenly started cutting out, continues after rebuild (video included)

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Bike has been running perfectly for several months after a valve rebuild. Suddenly, it started cutting out. Just a little at first, then ran fine for a week, then so bad on my last ride I barely made it the 5 miles home. Took the carb apart and ran through the following: Spark is very strong...
  2. 72 cl350 right intake / exhaust backfire with erratic idle and acceleration

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    To start, the left side is perfect at all ranges. I can also throw the left carb on the right side along with the right fuel line and it runs perfect. I've also swapped jets and the diaphragm from the left, working, carb into the right and still had erratic idle and acceleration with backfiring...
  3. Honda cb250 carburetor problem

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I bought a Honda cb250 1993 nighthawk after he spent six months without use and now has the problem of flooding carburetor, when the motorcycle on the side Jack is turned off, and sometimes when he stops he also turns off. First'd love to know if the carburetor cleaning can help solve the...
  4. Idle problem

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey all, Been reading a bunch on here and I always find what I need. Anyway first post: I ride a 75 cl360 scrambler, got it running decent then I put new air filters on yesterday (new oem, no pods, no custom air filters). Rode it for a half hour into work it was idling higher than usual I...
  5. Cb360t had it started, now it wont. Please Help.

    Engine Discussion
    For all you gear heads out there I need your help, I got this bike a few months ago not running, rebuilt the carbs got a new battery adjusted the valves and put it back together. and it started 3rd kick 5500rpm so after adjusting it down and transporting it, it wont start :( Now Ive takin apart...
  6. CB500T Carb set-up, tuning information

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey brand new to this forum though ive been reading posts for a while. I purchased a 76 CB500T a while back, barn find, great condition, 10K miles on original odometer. The guy before me said he cleaned the carbs but i made the mistake of trying to tune them myself which i dont know how to do...
  7. 1975 Honda CB500t - Hard to start, rough Idle and lack of power

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello, I've recently purchased an 1975 Honda CB500T. It was purchased off a gentleman who rarely road the bike. To my understanding he had it stored in his work garage and would turn it on and ride it around the shop lot every once in a while and would condition the bike for the winter. I've...
  8. Left Cylinder Misfires and Dead At Mid Throttle

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi to everyone. It's been awhile, but to refresh if needed, I posted my awhile back. Anyway, here is my current problem. A couple weekends ago, I decided to begin (finally)...