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  1. Tuning Mikuni Carburetors with 1.5mm overbore/larger pistons

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi all! New to Honda Twins and I'm coming in with questions regarding tuning my VM30 Mikuni carbs. Over the last couple months with my CL350 I've taken apart the engine to re seal it and found that there was a bunch of pitting in one of the cylinders, so I went ahead and got the cylinders bored...
  2. Honda CB200 carburetor main jet

    Mechanical Issues
    Hi guys, my name is brent and I am currently in the process of my first motorcycle restoration with a 1975 Honda CB200T. I've come across an issue while rebuilding the carburetor and ill have pictures below to help with the explanation. I purchased an aftermarket carb rebuild kit from david...
  3. 81 cm400 project.....carbs/jetting/exhaust

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey folks.....attaching some pics of my project. Looking good so far but still a lot of work to go. I have rebuild kits coming for the carbs, new throttle and choke cable, have UNI pod filters. I'm trying to decide what route to go with the exhaust. Trying to keep this build on the cheap so...
  4. Slow jet (Pilot) 1978 Honda CB 400 Hawk

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I recently put in a carb rebuilder kit In my CB 400 Hawk After tinkering with the Jets I found that giving it throttle at low rpm's It would seem to run to lean The guy at the Honda shop said he never seen Pilot jet or (slow) jet like mine Can someone help me Find bigger pilot Jets? I'm going to...