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  1. ‘76 CB200T stalling when I downshift

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone, so I have a 200T I’ve been working on, it would run fine for a few minutes and then start only running on one cylinder, I rebuilt the carbs and put acetone in the tank to melt the epoxy liner off of the inside, out everything back together and it ran fine for about 45-50 miles...
  2. CB200 B Disc Engine turns but wont start (video's available)

    Engine Discussion
    Hello all, ive been digging through this forum but couldnt find exactly what I was looking for (because I dont know exactly myself haha). I have finally gotten the opportunity to find a house with a barn that gives me the opportunity to learn more about engines (that I like but have very little...
  3. 1974 CB450- High idle after bench syncing carbs

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey all. So, after pulling my carbs to bench sync them yesterday using the guitar string as feeler gauge method, as per Common Motor Collective's Youtube channel, my bike started right away, but rpm's starting shooting way up past 6000. I backed off the idle screws on each carb equally until...
  4. Parts help

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Looking for best place to get specific parts for 1980 cm400t Looking for throttle assembly from cable to hand throttle. And maybe some new carbs
  5. Carb rebuild kit, take a K1-K4 for a K5 CL?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Carb rebuild, take K1-K4 kit for a K5 CL? On the road for a carb rebuild, discovered that here in France the differences between K1-K4 and K5 available kits are the needle and the main jet. K1-K4 needle is # D14=53000 and main jets are 138 K5 is needle is #D31=052301 and main jets are 145...
  6. '76 CB200 Won't Idle (short vid inside)

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I purchased a 1976 CB200 a few weeks ago as my first bike. I knew it didn't run, but I was excited to pick up a new hobby of working on bike engines. I got my license ten days ago - and haven't gotten to ride yet! I've cleaned the carbs and replaced the jets and gaskets. At this point I think...
  7. WTB CL175 carb parts

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Listers, Looking for carb parts for my 1968 CL175 Sloper with the 22mm Kiehins. The aftermarket rebuild parts do not work well. Mainly after the needles and needle jets. I have one stock needle, it is stamped 063001. What have you? Many Thanks Bownez Mpls 1968 CL175 1966 CB77 1972 CT90
  8. My cm 400 re-jetted and re-assembled!

    Pictures and Videos
  9. WTB Keihin 160 carb jets

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello Listers, I am looking for a pair of 160 size carb jets to fit my 1968 CL175KO. Many thanks. Michael Mpls
  10. Cm400t W with Keihn Carbs spill fuel.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    The two carbs have been rebuilt and cleaned, been rejetted slightly, and the needle slightly shimed. Per a previous post recommendation. I checked float needles. These have the plastic type float. Anyway, I left the gas line on over night and the next morning when I went out to start it i smelt...
  11. 1968 CL175 jet sizes?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Anyone out there with the sloper 175cc engine with the "power jet" circuit carbs?? Can you tell me what the correct jet sizes are? My carbs came dis-assembled and I cannot find info on where the jets belong. I'm referring to the air jet at the top of the carbs that are fed to the air cleaner...
  12. CM400T; Still Not Riding it

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Seems like i may never. Thought id have some fun building a custom in my spare time. Pick up on that runs, mod it, tweak it... have a little fun like when I was a kid. But, it's turned into a he'll storm with my limited time to work on it. I've posted some carb issues previously and since...
  13. project bike: 1975 Honda CB200T

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I am the proud owner of a slightly running 1975 Honda CB200T and I am proceeding with disassembly and servicing and what not. This is my first motorcycle and my first time working on one but my teacher helped me convince my parents to let me do it as an extra credit kind of thing...
  14. '67 cb160 redling at idle

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    throttle is at the idle position i rebuilt the carbs and they appear to be synced the engine floods sometime i fixed that but the engine goes straight to redline after starting and stays there i tried to adjust both the idle and other screws i believe its the air mixture screw i messed with both...
  15. CM400e Parts

    Parts For Sale
    I have about three sets of carbs from a 1980 CM400e, two sets have ruined mix screw holes. I have a set of CM400e side covers and other parts available as well, PM me for what you are looking for and your zip code and I can send pics and a shipping quote. I am willing to trade for Side Covers...
  16. 1976 Honda cb360 Build

    Project Logs
    I recently bought a 1976 Honda cb360 that seemed to be in decent shape. It does not run but has good compression. The wiring seems to be a little messy and may need to be checked out. The first thing I am going to do is rebuild the carbs and see if that gets her running. The previous owner had...
  17. Fast idle issue

    Engine Discussion
    I have a 1971 CB175K5. Quick history, pistons were frozen. After 6 months plus months of effort finally got them out. Had the engine bored out to 0.50. Put the engine back together and on the bike. Cleaned the carbs making sure all passages were clean and set the float bowls. Engine started...
  18. CB350 Trouble - multiple issues unsure where to start

    Engine Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I apologise in advance if this post is hard to understand. I've had some trouble while working on my cb350 for a while now and come across quite a few issues so I'm going to try do my best at putting them all down here. So in its current state my cb350 runs - but not very well...
  19. Different exhaust port temps

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    New here, bought a 1979 Honda CM400T in April. It ran, although a little rough. I've done a few things to get it running better so far. I bought Amsoil Powerfoam to spray through the carbs to clean them out. You are supposed to run the bike while spraying and then let it sit for 15 mins. While...
  20. How do my carbs look? High res photos included.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    The bike: '76 CB360T. Keihin 754A Carbs. Stock air filters and exhaust. Photo gallery: Keihin 754A Carburetor (left side) - '76 Honda CB360T - Album on Imgur Hey all, will try to make this quick: My first bike. Real clean and well taken care of. Had it for about a year and a half now. Has...