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carb issue

  1. Betsy here! Rebuilding a 1973 CB350G!

    Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone! Im Betsy and I am rebuilding my bike. I had to swap out my engine and now im trying to find carbs. My coils and points are on their way. I need one exhaust, a chain, tires, tubes and nipple covers. What else... My right turning signal ticks with no lights but the other side turns...
  2. CB200T Oil leak, Carb leak, Spark plug wire gummed up

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey so i'm new to riding and am really just learning about bikes, limited knowledge. I'm just going to lay out all my issues in case one may be the cause of another. Got the bike two months ago. Was running great, always store the bike of the side stand and started noticing a slow leak each...
  3. 1975 CB200T Carbs Running Rich

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I have a 1975 CB200T that I recently purchased. I was having a hard time getting the bike started, so I replaced the sparkplugs, sparkplug caps, and wires. Bike started right up and ran great for a couple of rides. I went out to start it up a couple of days later and no spark. I took the plugs I...
  4. CB200 isn't passing 30MPH and no power uphill stalling

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey guys! Just a new member here that got my hands on a 1976 CB200T it near mint condition. (wrapped in a storage since 1978!) Anyways, I've done a complete resurrection by changing the tires, new tubes, new battery, new plugs, new coil, and complete carb clean and install. However, having...
  5. Carb stuck on left carb, is it possible to get a different slide?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I believe the carb slide is stuck on the original mikuni carb on my honda cb350, how should I go about fixing it? I really appreciate the help:)
  6. Bogging like a b****

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Just restored an old CB250k1, got everything up and running, jetted (primary and secondary jets) :???:the carbs to suit aftermarket filters and exhausts (i think they're about right). Runs a treat in neutral, as soon as you put it under load it runs like crap, bogs and misfires and does about...
  7. cb 160 carb issue

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    just bought a 65 CB 160 and am having issues with the right carb running too rich noticed that there are two different carbs on the bike . hmmmm where is the part number stamped so i can look it up ? my thought is that different carbs could work if the jets are the same ,they look very similar...