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  1. Crooked camshaft - CB350K

    Mechanical Issues
    I bought a Common Motor Collective Shockwave system for my 1972 CB350 Super Sport. When I went to install the sensor plate, something wasn't lining up right. I thought it was the sensor plate, but after removing it and the ignition advance mechanism, I can see that the camshaft is off center...
  2. 1973 CB450 K6 Rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    I am in the process of tearing down a 1973 CB450 as part of a rebuild. I'm down to the head so far, but I wanted to ask before I forget - there are some crumbling rubber bits on the camshaft. There seems to be a groove for some kind of gasket on either side of the chain teeth for both shafts...
  3. Top Dead Center (TDC) on Compression Stroke?

    Engine Discussion
    When dialing in the position of the camshaft on a 1971 CB350 K3, should the rotation of the engine that displays and aligns all of the indicator marks for TDC be on the same stroke that generates compression in the left cylinder, I/E the compression stroke? When turning the rotor with a spanner...
  4. Camshaft end measurement

    Engine Discussion
    Hello folks, can anyone confirm the measurement for this left side (contact point) barrel diameter? Because I found out that the contact point base diameter is 20mm, but the camshaft barrel measured only 17mm, so I have quite a gap to that. I suspect that the previous owner trim the diameter...
  5. Do i need to get a new camshaft?

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone, first time posting. I have started a rebuild on a SL350K1 and have a question about the camshaft and rockers. I've searched around the forum and haven't found and specs on them. The repair manual I have doesn't address them either. I do know that Delta camshaft can do a...
  6. 1972 CB450 - Intake Camshaft will not spin.

    Engine Discussion
    I've got a weird problem. I searched all over but can't find anyone else with this problem. My intake camshaft went in just fine and it spins normally with the cam covers on. But when I tighten down the covers the camshaft is stuck in place. The covers are hitting the camshaft ends with too...
  7. Needing a 1971 CB350 camshaft

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Looking for a good working camshaft for my cb350 build. Might even buy a complete engine if I have to.
  8. Rusty Cam

    Engine Discussion
    There is some rust on the bottom my cam lobes (see images below). Should I replace (or refinish) the camshaft and cam followers?
  9. CB350 Broken Spark Advancer Pin

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, My engine hadn't been running very well recently, so I decided to clean up the points. In doing so, I also replaced the beat up screws used to lock the points down with metric hex bolts. I tried to kick start the bike, and there was an incredible resistance. It turns out that replacing...
  10. Camshaft sprocket bolts, 71 CL350

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I need the knock bolt(90081-312-000) and the other bolt(90085-312-000). PM me please.
  11. what is a Fat cam, and can I plug and play with it?

    Engine Discussion
    I have a 72 CL350K4, and the original camshaft and rockers were pretty worn. I purchased a donor motor from a 69 CB350K0 and that motor came with a "fat cam" in it. The rockers and camshaft are in better condition so it want to use them. Will this cause any issues, and I will be also using CB...
  12. 1975 cb500t cam timing marks and any local honda mechanics?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello. I won a Honda cb500t on ebay. I thought i would be out bid. I wasn't. The motorcycle was not running. I disassembled the whole engine. My first mistake was i didn't check and remark the timing marks before i took it apart. Missed that little detail in the manual. I think i have found the...
  13. CB450 cam shaft play

    Engine Discussion
    I am getting a lot of vertical play in my cam shaft as I was adjusting the cam follower clearance. In the video below you can see the right side of the exhaust cam shaft. There is a mil or so of movement as I am rotating the eccentric for the left exhaust cam follower. I checked the clearance...
  14. CB350 camshaft stuck in left side cover

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, I'm in the process of rebuilding the engine of my CB350. I'm at the point where I got my camshaft in, and set the timing according to the index mark, and I got the side covers back on. However, after doing so, I noticed that the exhaust valves are completely open when the pistons are...