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  1. '74 CL360 Cam cover

    Engine Discussion
    Can't find a thread for this so hope it is new! Anyone know if there is a torque setting for the cam cover bolts. Brenden from CMC mentions 14 in his video but doesn't specify what system ( ft.lbs, kg.m etc). Just starting to do the rebuild on my CL360. Incidentally I found that the clutch...
  2. CB360 Cam placement.

    Engine Discussion
    so.. according to Common Motor Collective's tutorial on how to set ignition timing, I think i have my cam 1/4 turn off. can anyone help diagnose. my bike, Gwenn is set at TF and the blue light turns off, but the cam dot is 1/4 turn different than the tutorial on Common's video. Help...
  3. Should I put this cam back?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi All, I've been lurking here for a long time, this is my first post. Long story short, I'm rebuilding a CB350 to race in Novice Production Lightweight at the Topeka AHRMA race in June. Personally I'm not a brilliant mechanic, nor do I have any special knowledge of motorcycles or engine...
  4. Rusty Cam

    Engine Discussion
    There is some rust on the bottom my cam lobes (see images below). Should I replace (or refinish) the camshaft and cam followers?
  5. 69 Series Fat Cam Questions - Servicibility and differences

    Engine Discussion
    I've posted this once before but as there was no response I've concluded that I'm either extremely uninteresting, this has been answered before (I cannot find it), or I just chose a poor time to post and it was buried under other posts. I have 2 questions: 1. What do the different numbers on...
  6. Cam Follower Lock Nut size

    Engine Discussion
    1970 CB450: One of my Lock nuts has gone missing. I ordered a NOS nut, but it will be a week before it gets here. I'd like to put a temporary nut on for the time being. Any clue as to what size/pitch nut these are? Thanks!
  7. Cam and rocker refinishing - options?

    Engine Discussion
    I have a 73 Honda CB350G. The cam and rockers very pitted/chipped, whatever you want to call it. Has anyone had these welded and reground? If so who provides this service and how much am I looking at paying? Also what steps are involved in this process, just for my own curiosity? I already have...
  8. 1975 cb500t cam timing marks and any local honda mechanics?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello. I won a Honda cb500t on ebay. I thought i would be out bid. I wasn't. The motorcycle was not running. I disassembled the whole engine. My first mistake was i didn't check and remark the timing marks before i took it apart. Missed that little detail in the manual. I think i have found the...
  9. want cb450 cylinder walls, intake cam

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I'm looking for cylinder walls/jugs for a CB450 in decent condition. I will be over-boring them to 71.5 mm, so if they aren't perfect on the inside, its fine. I do want all the fins intact and the exterior in decent condition. I'm also looking for an intake cam if anyone has one sitting...