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  1. Engine Discussion
    Hi All, I recently took apart my CB200 engine and have found that the Cam Chain Bar Tensioner has had a lot of wear and the chain appears to have eaten into the side of the head of the tensioner. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a replacement, I can't find anywhere online at the...
  2. Tune Up
    Late 60's early 70's Honda CB CL SL 350 450 twin cam chain tensioner adjustment tutorial. Honda 350 450 twin timing advance unit inspection and repair tutorial. Everything is right but bike won't run or no air leaks and your bike still won't idle down? This will fix it. Set dual points...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Hello people, I got used CB200 and still learning lot about it, one of the thing is the cam chain adjuster bolt - lock nut. So I have just realized when I opened my crankshaft cover and put it in the TDC position for some routine work, then I saw these: The bolt on the rear side, showing the...
1-3 of 3 Results