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  1. Hey there From Sunny South Africa!

    Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, My name is Mike i am a 27 year old Web Developer From Gauteng, South Africa. I have owned a few 125 Pit bikes up until now, but i love vintage, so i decided to take on a 1970's CB 360 Cafe Racer Project. Im not sure exactly which year it was manufactured in the 70's, but will update...
  2. THE KID'S CAFÉ - A 16 Year Olds First Rebuild (Project Log CB350 - 1971)

    Project Logs
    Hello everybody, So here I am again, finally making a project log as recommended by many. After starting my endeavor I now realize as a newbie I have more questions about this bike than I do dollars to build it :D. After my previous inquiry about painting the frame, I was so impressed and...
  3. 1978 cb400T - First Project - Café

    Project Logs
    Hello everyone. First post. First cafe project. Picked this beaut' up for $600 in the Seattle area, 1978 Honda cb400T. Same make and model of my first bike I learned on when I was 16 (now 32) so there is some sentimental value. I know this frame isn't the most conducive for a cafe, but I have...
  4. 74 cb200T - Starts and throttles up but won't idle

    Engine Discussion
    Just bought this new project bike and got it to start and throttle up but it dies when I let off the throttle. After running the bike for a bit the left exhaust pipe was still cold and while the right was hot. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Spark plug has a spark because when I removed the...
  5. 1976 CB500T No Start After Rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    Hey Fellas, I'm a long time lurker here on the site, and have already learned a great deal from you guys, but need some help. I have a 1976 CB500T (20,000 original miles) that I bought for next to nothing last year from a guy in Luray, VA. The previous owner said the bike shut off after a...
  6. Back to My Roots!

    Member Introductions
    Hi from Edmonton, Canada. I think I made the last two-wheeled commute of the year today, and with the end of the riding season it's time to get serious my winter project. That would be the CJ360 I've had kicking around since 1980. After I rode it avidly as a teenager and 20-something in the 80s...
  7. 1976 Honda cb360 Build

    Project Logs
    I recently bought a 1976 Honda cb360 that seemed to be in decent shape. It does not run but has good compression. The wiring seems to be a little messy and may need to be checked out. The first thing I am going to do is rebuild the carbs and see if that gets her running. The previous owner had...
  8. cb175 aftermarket seat install

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    hi guys, i bought this seat off of 4into1 recently to install on my 71 cb175 Tracker Brat Style Seat - Chocolate / Black Piping anyone with knowledge on working with this aftermarket part or installing these style seats have tips or instructions on how to properly connect it to the frame? new...
  9. Looking at this 1972 Honda CB350 for first bike & project

    Member Introductions
    Looking at this 1972 Honda CB350 for first bike & project Hey All -- I'm super pumped about getting my bike license and first fixer-uper. I'm even more thrilled to start working on a bike than I care to ride around, but I'm sure that will be fun too. I've been wrenching on old trucks for...
  10. 81 hawk cb400t II electrical help

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys ive been working on my new project bike and I am getting so confused on whats wrong. Im trying to turn into a cafe racer but im having no luck. Ive been trying to do a complete rewire job and I cant get it to work out. It is almost impossible to find any help from just searching so now I...
  11. Rebirth of a CB160. From rusting commuter bike to swish cafe racer.

    Pictures and Videos
    The start. A non-running, undocumented, heap. The engine filthy. No exhaust. carbs fully of goop. First to strip the bike down. And here let me give anyone reading this and thinking, "I'll do that" a word of hard won knowledge. Don't do that. Buy a rough running bike and fix one thing per...
  12. Londoner chimes in

    Member Introductions
    Hi, I live in West London UK. I have a Cb160, which I bought as a heap and cafe racerised. Purists may not like it.
  13. License Plate Mount & LED Tail Light w/ Indicators for sale

    Parts For Sale
    *SOLD* License Plate Mount & LED Tail Light w/ Indicators for sale (Items sold) Hey-o, Just looking to see if anyone could use these two parts. I purchased them early on in my rebuild and decided to go a new direction with it. TC Bros License Plate Bracket, Axle mount, 20mm, horizontal or...
  14. First bike and cafe racer project - CB400 N

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, i'm very glad i found this forum and am excited about reading and posting about rebuilding my 1979 Honda CB400 N ! i hope i can find somebody on this forum who used the same bike as me. to get me started, i would like to know if you can interchange parts for the Honda CB400 series...
  15. CB360 Build

    Project Logs
    I thought it would be cool to document my CB360 build now that I am finally getting into it. This is my first bike and my first build. The initial plan was to become a better rider last summer and then over the winter build it to be more of a cafe bike. Below is what the 1974 bike looked like...
  16. cb450 k3 fuel tank fitment options?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey folks, I'm looking to get a new tank for my project bike; will be cafe style. I'm looking at a CG125 and wondering if anyone has used this tank on the 450 frame. Also, I'm open to other suggestions for similar style tanks that will present minimal modification for to the tank and/or frame...
  17. 1980 CM400T mod

    Project Logs
    I have enjoyed lurking on this forum for quite a while, and finally took the plunge. Just purchased this bike, it's been 25 years since I owned my last one (Yamaha Heritage Special 400). Need to clean it up a bit then start the changes :) Currently I need to do the following to get a...
  18. CM400T Battery upgrade

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm building a cafe/brat out of a 1980 CM400T. Looking for a low profile battery that will work with the factory electricals and able to mount sideways. Also, any tips for new battery leads? I plan on mounting the battery under the seat. I'm dropping the signals and only running a brake light...
  19. Hello From Roanoke VA// First time builder 1980 CM400T cafe

    Member Introductions
    First time builder looking to cafe my CM400T. Any tips on hiding wires, building a seat pan, battery selection, etc would be very welcome!
  20. 76 CB 200T Clutch Cable-WANTED!

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi, I am looking for a clutch cable for a 1976 Honda CB200t. The replacement cable I purchased online has an 8mm adjusting nut that connects the cable to the crank case and it needs to be 10mm. If you have one or know of one, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will pay top dollar as this...