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  1. Matt's 1980 CM400T Cafe Racer build

    Project Logs
    I bought this for $350 from a guy who was going to bob it. Bike runs well and has 9,000 miles on the clock. We have the frame off now and are detabbing and stripping paint. Any tips or suggestions on wiring and building a brat seat would extremely helpful as this is my first build. Also my...
  2. CM400T Battery upgrade

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm building a cafe/brat out of a 1980 CM400T. Looking for a low profile battery that will work with the factory electricals and able to mount sideways. Also, any tips for new battery leads? I plan on mounting the battery under the seat. I'm dropping the signals and only running a brake light...
  3. Hello From Roanoke VA// First time builder 1980 CM400T cafe

    Member Introductions
    First time builder looking to cafe my CM400T. Any tips on hiding wires, building a seat pan, battery selection, etc would be very welcome!
  4. CM450 Cafe/Brat build

    Project Logs
    I picked up this 82 CM450E two summers ago. I really dig the look of vintage twin bobbers so I am going to do that to my bike. But I also like the cafe look so who knows where this is going to end up. I haven't crossed the point of no return yet. I do want to go with a solo seat at...
  5. LED Black Light. NEW Fits stock mounts. looks great. 3 Projector Light

    Speed Moto Co
    Normally 79.95.... any member here can get for 69.00 plus the shiping! Just email ( [email protected]) or PM us. Shown on cl350 with stock ears. 79.95 includes black ears We have compared against our 55w h4 light and this is brighter. Plenty of room for wiring. Nice quality light for a...