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  1. X-Wing and Poe Dameron inspired CB360 Cafe Build

    Project Logs
    Hey Folks! I've had my 360 for a week or so and I just started the teardown procedure last night. Here are the results at the end of night one: Just about everything needs work on this bike, so far I have on order: Fork stanchions (these are pitted pretty bad) Fork seals New heavy duty rear...
  2. MessnerMoto

    Member Introductions
    Hi to all members of this forum. My name is Mirjan and I represent motorcycle startup MessnerMoto. MessnerMoto is focused on designing unique parts for Cafe Racers. We started all this because of the Honda that is a picture below. Currently, we are focusing on spreading the word about our...
  3. Unknown spacer

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone New guy here. I've been working on my first build (cb350k0). I finally got the engine back together when I found this little dude on my bench. I have no idea where it goes. Can anyone here help me identify this piece? It's super thin.
  4. 1975 Honda CB360T Restore/Cafe Build

    Project Logs
    Hello all! I picked up a 1975 Honda CB360T off of craigslist here in Atlanta a couple of months ago. The previous owner had started some very minor restoration on the bike. I bought it not running and with super dry rotted old tires. Nowhere near running and riding condition. It is currently up...
  5. CB360 Build

    Project Logs
    I thought it would be cool to document my CB360 build now that I am finally getting into it. This is my first bike and my first build. The initial plan was to become a better rider last summer and then over the winter build it to be more of a cafe bike. Below is what the 1974 bike looked like...
  6. '82 CM450 Cafe Racer Project

    Project Logs
    A friend sold this 1982 CM450C to me for $150. It's been years since I had been able to work on a bike. Where most saw rustbucket, I saw beauty! #CM450 #Caferacer #Vintagebike '82 Honda CM450C '79 Honda CM400E '81 Honda CM400A '16 Triumph Scrambler '80 Suzuki GS250T
  7. Matt's 1980 CM400T Cafe Racer build

    Project Logs
    I bought this for $350 from a guy who was going to bob it. Bike runs well and has 9,000 miles on the clock. We have the frame off now and are detabbing and stripping paint. Any tips or suggestions on wiring and building a brat seat would extremely helpful as this is my first build. Also my...
  8. Hello From Roanoke VA// First time builder 1980 CM400T cafe

    Member Introductions
    First time builder looking to cafe my CM400T. Any tips on hiding wires, building a seat pan, battery selection, etc would be very welcome!
  9. CB360 Los Angeles Rebuild (First time)

    Project Logs
    Hey guys! I'm new here so first off let me say this forum has already been completely invaluable to me and thank you so much for everyone being so eager to help and willing so share their knowledge. A big high five and my hat off to Tony - Saturday Wrench. His videos have been amazing as I find...
  10. New Cafe project (cleaning up battery/ air filter area)

    Electrical Issues
    I'm completely new to moding bikes and but am pretty good with tooling and wrenching on them. I want to get rid of the battery and the stock air filters and just use the kick start and some cone style filters. Any ideas on where i need to start? Thanks everyone!!
  11. NEWBIE QUESTION!- what other tanks would fit on a CB250 nighthawk -'95

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to this forum, new to Hondas and new to doing up bikes, but I bought a CB250n rode and I love it, I want to change the tank, can anyone suggest a tank that would fit straight in? I'm in the process of giving it a lot of tlc and creating a bit of a cafe racer (hopefully).Preferably...
  12. Our first big build at Clubman Cycles

    Project Logs
    Hi all. After looking at all your beautiful bikes it's an honor to be here. We are a new co. out of Queens NYC and a team of 4. I am the founder and designer on these cafes/brats. The first pic is the bike I built that inspired me to open a shop out here purely based on my obsession with vintage...