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  1. Fork Spring Guide

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Pulled apart my fork to do service and one of the fork spring guides (honda part #51509-286-000) is disintegrated. Does anyone know where you can find these or something else you can use to replace it. I considered wrapping the spring in rubber shrinkwrap to provide protection, but not sure...
  2. CB360 Oil change, left over bushing?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi Everyone, Bit of a backstory... My girlfriend bought a 1974 cb360 in October 2015, it is a T model with the disk up front with 12,000mi on the clock and a slow oil leak. She drove it a bit in the fall, then we stabilized the fuel and put it in the building for the winter. This spring we...
  3. CB200 Swingarm Shock bushings

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hi everyone, This may have been addressed else where but I couldn't find any threads. I am swapping out the stock shocks on a CB200 for a set of Hagons I was gifted. They didn't come with bushings (top or bottom). I am on the hunt for replacements and can't find anything to match up. The...
  4. CB Wheel Bushings 42311-349-690 + 42313-286-000

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    i'm having a hard time finding any definitive dimensions on a CB350 twin's two rear wheel bushings, part numbers 42311-349-690 + 42313-286-000. I ripped my rear wheel apart and have both of them (learned the hard way about the bearing collar that's no longer available), but they are different...
  5. Seeking CL/CB350 Starter Diagram

    Electrical Discussion
    Does anyone have anything that resembles an exploded view of the internals of the starter? I took mine off the lower case last night to find that the splined cap that drives the pinion gear had two loose planetary gears on it—without any sort of bushing or bearing on it. They are obviously...