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  1. Parts Guide
    I have been rebuilding my '78 CB400a Hawk and need to find a modification or replacement for the filter inside the breather chamber box. The box and the 2 plastic separators are salvageable but I would love to replace them if possible. I'm not an engineer and would prefer not to stray too far...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Hi, I knew the CB200’s crankcase breather tube was too short because it ends level with the bottom of the carburettors about 5cm behind the carburettors. In that position, it spatters oil over the back of the engine, frame behind the engine, etc... The original Honda tube is unattainable, but...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Hey all! I finally got the carbs right for my 1978 CB400Tii, and checked/adjusted the valve clearances, so, I decided to take it for a ride on the freeway. All was well for a while. The bike was pulling nice and strong. At one point, I had it going 90+MPH. I kept on going around 65-70 MPH for...
1-3 of 3 Results