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brakelight wiring

  1. Aftermarket Tail Light Wiring

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys I need your help. I decided to shrink the tail light on my CB400t II using an EMGO model I'd seen somewhere on here. The problem is that the stock light has 3 wires and the new one only has 2. So I've got it wired up to flash bright for braking but I cant get the low light setting to...
  2. Brakelight troubles on sl350

    Electrical Discussion
    Ive purchased an aftermarket brakelight and Im stuck on how to wire it. The stock tailight on my sl350 had 3 wires going out to the switches, battery and ignition switch. On This new one it only had a red wire and a black wire so i sent the black to negative battery side and the red i split out...