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  1. Electrical Discussion
    I've got a cb400t here that is all fully restored and ready to hit the road and just the other day I noticed that the brake wires that attach to the handbrake (front brake) got stripped out of the casing that they were in. When I got the bike it was already wired up to the handlebars so I didn't...
  2. Electrical Issues
    Hello all. New to the forum, new-ish to bikes, ultra-new to wrenching and electrical work. I have a '74 CB 125 that I've upgraded it to 12v. I'm keeping all the stock parts, but just for fun I'm switching out some things to give it more of a "brat" look (with no irreversible modifications) -...
  3. Electrical Discussion
    I just got a 1978 Honda CB400T II and have a question about the front brake light switch. The rear brake activates the brake light, but the front one does not. Basically, I can't find it anywhere on the brake lever, nor can I find the connectors for it. Looking at the bottom of the brake...
  4. Electrical Discussion
    So in customizing my 1982 CB450T all at once, I seem to have caused a problem as I am now not quite sure as to where to start diagnosing my problem so that I can fix it. Basically, I have replaced the speedo and tach and the turn indicators. Also replaced the rear brake light / running light...
  5. Electrical Discussion
    Whats up gang. So i've seen a couple Hondas out there running dual brake lights that work as turn signals like the harleys.. anyone know how to do that? i have a 1970 cb450, would appreciate any help! heres an example of what im looking for. thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results