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bogging down

  1. Replacing boots from carbs to airbox

    Engine Discussion
    Short version: I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where to find replacements for the rubber hose/boots that connect the carbs to the airbox? Or a workaround/hack that works well. Mine are cracked beyond repair. Long Version: I have a 1978 hawk cb400tII that I picked up for $300 and have been...
  2. '78 CB400T II Losing Power Around ~5500-6000 RPM (Max speed 50 MPH); Low compression

    Engine Discussion
    Hey there! I purchased a 1978 CB400T II a couple of months ago and it's my first motorcycle. I thought it was in really great shape, looks clean, and only had 8k miles on it. It fired up right away from dead cold, idled great, didn't smell, and ran well enough when I tested it, as well as a...
  3. CB400t II mid-range issues

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey all! I've been struggling to figure out a mid-range bog on my 78 CB400t II. I've set it up the same way as the set up from the thread "cb400 cv and pods - How to make them work," jets and all (great post, very helpful). When riding, I can't get the bike to go over 6,200 rpms. It has no...
  4. Air in fuel lines and bogging out

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey guys, I have been searching around the internet for a couple weeks now and I haven't found anything that relates to what I am seeing here. This is my first bike and I bought it back in April. I took it to a mechanic to have it ran through to make sure it was safe to ride. The guy had my...