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  1. Electrical Discussion
    The headlight, front blinkers, and rear lights all work but only when I jump the fuses. Is this a problem with the ignition switch? the ignition switch works when stopping the engine from running??? so close to finishing
  2. Electrical Discussion
    So... for anyone who can actually solve this I will be thrilled! This is a 6V system. I want to use a 12V LED headlight. I’m using a 6V to 12V step-up converter. All other components will stay running off 6V. Information on set-up: The Red positive wire in to the step-up converter is...
  3. Electrical Discussion
    Okay I've been thoroughly searching for some direction with this issue and just want some advice on where to start....i've currently got 3 TS flashing (dimly and fast) and the front left does nothing when switched on for TS. Also when left on running lights only the opposite filament stays lit...
  4. Electrical Discussion
    hi y'all. Trying to figure out why my signals only work intermittently- they will usually go on but don't blink (sometimes they do however, after i've been riding for a while at higher speeds). Someone suggested it is important to have the correct bulbs. Currently have 6 volt, 1129s. Anyone...
1-4 of 4 Results