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black bomber

  1. Cb450 65-67 part wanted

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Im looking for original nos or replika parts for my cb450 im restoring to stock. Lockig for complett tank, fenders front and rear, handlebar, headlight insert, steering damper and an complett exaust. Best regards Mikael Johansson Sweden
  2. '67 CB450K0 - Questions regarding rear brake+wheel bearing replacement

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hi, '67 CB450K0 here, replacing my rear brake shoes and rear wheel bearings. Figured they're due for some work. Just have two questions about this. 1) I noticed there seems to be some grease that you can see leaking out of the bearing in one picture and onto the removed brake housing in the...
  3. Black Bomber Crankshaft

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all, My bomber needs a new crankshaft, and it seems to be a huge pita to find! I posted on the looking for parts sub already, but I was wondering if anyone here might know where i could try to look for one, as ebay seems to be fairly thin right now. If only the later crankshaft could fit my...
  4. Inherited possibly title-less & keyless Bomber...

    Member Introductions
    Hi there, new to the forum & to vintage restoration as a whole. Happy to find such knowledgeable folks whose brains I can pick ? My Uncle, who raised me, passed on unexpectedly & left me his old 67 Bomber. My Aunt is unsure if he even had a physical title or key for it anymore, much less where...
  5. 1966 Black Bomber

    Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I've been the owner of a black bomber for almost a year now but only got to take it out for the first time this season! Originally from Wisconsin I believe (at least first title I have is from 1976), it then ended up at a dealership in the UK where I got it, and got it shipped to...
  6. Regulator/Rectifier comparisons?

    Electrical Discussion
    Can anyone give me a good comparison for Regular/Rectifier options with a 66 and a 67 CB450 K0? 12 volt stock electrical system. And a new wiring harness will be put into each bike. One of the bikes has burned through 2 stators I believe. I’ve bought a used stator to try out, and thought an...
  7. hello from Brooklyn / Milwaukee cb450 / cl450 guy

    Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I live in Brooklyn, but I'm from Milwaukee, where I visit a lot. I have some old bikes there also. I've recently bought a cb450k2 1969 that runs nice, but the clutch is grabbing at the end. I ordered a new clutch plate and spring kit, so I'm...
  8. Getting old 1974 CB450 up and running!

    Project Logs
    Hi everyone — Here's the bike that I'm going to be working on over the summer. Goal is to get it running and slowly restore over the next year or so. I have re-installed a missing kick lever and determined that the engine is seized. The previous owner said he'd poured in some of that mystery...
  9. 1967 Honda CB450D for sale on ebay only $1,025.00 at the moment...

    Bikes For Sale
    I am selling my 1967 CB450D that I have been hoping to restore for over 23 years :-( I am moving and finally had to face the fact that I was probably never going to get a chance to bring this beauty back to show condition. Here's a link for all you Honda twin fans..... Exceedingly RARE 1967...
  10. WTB Connecting rod Honda Black Bomber CB450 k0

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi, I'm looking a connecting rod for my 1965 honda CB450 K0. theres any one have it? please respond.. thxs
  11. Black Bomber

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello... would some one help me? just pick up CB450 two weeks ago somebody said it is Blackbomber K0 read from the serial number at engine block. is it true? from what year? is there any ways to know where i can check the serial number? thank you for the cooperation cheers...
  12. A Motorcycle Nut from West Michigan joins Honda Twins

    Member Introductions
    Hello Folks, Thank you for letting me join your group. I'm a new member from West Michigan and just picked up a 1966 CB450 K0 Black Bomber that I'm working on getting it in rideable condition. Hope to share my adventure with all of you. "Broom da Honda Honda" and we'll see ya next time.
  13. 1966 CB450 K0 Black Bomber project

    Project Logs
    Found this old 1966 cb450 K0 up north. Here are some pictures of its condition. Can't wait to ride it!!!!!
  14. 1966 CB450 Black Bomber - Original but new

    Project Logs
    I picked up this CB450 K0 a couple years ago for just a couple hundred bucks from some guys that wanted to chop it. Offered them a couple thousand LESS than they asked and took it home. Granted the motor was seized and there was no title, I had leverage to negotiate ;) The plan has been to...
  15. 1965 cb450 "black bomber" found in a storage unit!!! What do you think it is worth?

    Found For Sale
    1965 cb450 "black bomber" found in a storage unit!!! What do you think it is worth? I found this motorcycle in a storage unit I bought the VIN on the frame is CB450-1022894 The VIN on the motor is CB450E-1020606 Do you think this is the original engine? I do not know much about it other than...