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  1. Tips And Tricks
    so as a first motorcycle I bought a good condition 1981 Honda cm400c. I went to go check on it the other day and there was some type of substance below the motorcycle for example I picked it up with some napkins and it was a brown to light brownish color and wondering what this any ideas or advice
  2. Member Introductions
    I just purchase a 1969 Honda CB450, and its a basket case. Honestly, I purchased it impulsively, and now I am at a complete lost. I've had friends say to look at forums, so here I am. I'm trying to figure out what different types of engines will fit inside the body, without needing to fabricate...
  3. Member Introductions
    Hello! My name's Justin and I'm based in the heart of Atlanta. I bought a 1973 Honda CB 350 awhile back, and I'm hoping to be able to learn enough to be able to stabilize it and make it a daily commuter. I don't have a car (sold it because I live in a 1 Bedroom condo with my girlfriend and we...
  4. Engine Discussion
    Lets get the discussion started. I'm an architect and amateur carpenter. I can follow instructions and figure most things out. I'm new to rebuilding motors and I'm getting ready to tear down my 74' CB 360. From my lack of experience, I'm unsure of what to look for and typical things I should be...
  5. Engine Discussion
    So, I'm relatively new to motorcycles, I did however build a 125cc bobber this spring, so I'm generally familiar with everything, just on a smaller scale, the only thing I haven't done yet is split the case on anything. So, now onto my dilemma. I picked up a cb360g that was supposed to be a...
1-5 of 6 Results