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  1. Starter magnetic switch bypass

    Electrical Discussion
    I am completely redoing my electrical, so far so good, just cleaning things up. However as I'm moving through my wiring diagram I noticed the starter solenoid. Something my bike is missing from when I bought it, however I actually don't want it. I want to do kick only and have a hidden kill...
  2. honda cb360 (1974) parts

    Parts For Sale
    i sold my '74 cb360 and have some usable parts i have no need for if you are interested i can shoot you a price i am located in chicago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ bike master platinum II 12 amp battery -used for a year 3 piston kits & 2 piston rings size .25 (rings sold with piston...
  3. '74 CB200 Charging issues!

    Electrical Discussion
    Good evening! I am the owner of a 1974 CB200 with just under 1k miles on the odo. The bike runs and rides great after an extensive carburetor overhaul, however it seems something in the charging system is amiss, as it isn't keeping the battery up. Let's go down a list of everything I've done...
  4. Wire from regulator rectifier, which terminal does it go on?

    Electrical Discussion
    I have this extra wire coming out of the wiring harness that is continuous with the green wire in the regulator/rectifier plug. Where is it supposed to be connected? I can't find any mention of it online.
  5. Lithium Ion Batteries - Here's a new one ;)

    Electrical Discussion
    Ok so lead acid batteries, great, heavy, don't hold a charge for that long, expensive-ish to replace..... Ballistic lithium ion batteries, holds a charge, runs at a little higher voltage.. more or a pain due to balancing the cells.... SO, i've already run through an expensive ballistic lithium...
  6. Bike noob getting 1974 cb450 to run (please help)

    Project Logs
    I've recently acquired a 1974 honda cb450 with 11k original miles. I don't know how long it has been sitting, but I am wanting to get it to run again. I figured I should make a thread in project logs since I'm going to be asking so many questions, and I'd rather not have to post tons of new...
  7. Anyone use smaller SLA batteries with "T2" terminals?

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm working on a cafe/tracker cb450 build and am in the process of finding a small battery. On the common motor collective website FAQ they mention you can use small SLA batteries meant for in home security type systems. But all I could find were batteries with these T2 terminals. I ended up...
  8. 1975 CB 360 battery issues.

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello i know this question may have been answered before but i am new to this. I just bought a CB360 and it starts with a battery from my other bike i have lying around the garage, but im looking to buy the smallest battery possible to run headlight, taillights, led turn signals. I'm only...
  9. Bikemaster TruGel Battery

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, I am thinking about switching over to a gel battery. Anyone have reviews or experience with these or the product below? Installing on a '71 cb175 Bikemaster TruGel Battery - MG9-4B1
  10. 1971 CB350 Seat Latch won't release

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hey guys - My battery needs replacing and I'm having a hard time getting the seat latch to open. Last time I opened it, a couple years back, it was in working order but now the sucker just will not release. The lever has some play but still won't release the latch. I've tried pushing down on on...
  11. Built Velocity Stacks, now need to relocate battery

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi y'all, I am working on a new to me 1980 400t I got from a friend for the best possible price (free). The stock airbox is long gone and the bike came with some cheap pods. Per the thread in the fuel section I have made some ~3" velocity stacks out of schedule 10 pvc to get the cheap pods the...
  12. 1980 CM400T Battery upgrade; Mosfet vs Rick's R/R

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm building a cafe racer and need a smaller battery that I can mount anywhere. The bike is only electric start so I don't know how big of a battery I'll need either. Not sure whether to get Li-ion or AGM. Also, I'm assuming I'll need a new R/R to go with it. I've seen good things about Mosfet...
  13. Kick-Start Only Battery Suggestions

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys, I've got a 71 CB 350 that im in the process of a resto/Cafe project. Im a bit confused on what is needed as far as minimum specifications for a battery to run the bike. I have removed the starter and all similar parts so its strictly kick start only bike. Because of this I do not...
  14. CM400T Battery upgrade

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm building a cafe/brat out of a 1980 CM400T. Looking for a low profile battery that will work with the factory electricals and able to mount sideways. Also, any tips for new battery leads? I plan on mounting the battery under the seat. I'm dropping the signals and only running a brake light...
  15. 1973 Cb350 battery- leaking acid, charge at high revs?

    Project Logs
    Hi folks! I can't suggest enough the importance of cleaning connections to troubleshoot charging system. Learned this on the side of the road a few weeks ago. That said, connections are very clean and I'm now am getting a healthy reading of 12.7 when I just turn bike off, 13.5-14 at 2000rpms...
  16. Odd Noise From Battery Area? (Vid Included)

    Engine Discussion
    I just can't catch a break! Here I am yet again fellas, fixed my no spark problem...fixed my theres a problem with the battery area on my cm400a (at least that's what it sounds like) here's a vid from YouTube. Happens when I push start, wasn't getting a response kickstarting. Notice...
  17. Battery Delete Discussion

    Electrical Issues
    I've been working on my first motorcycle project, and things are going well. I have a '72 Honda CB350K that I bought as basically a pile of parts, but is now running and starting to look like a real bike. The goal is to get a fun little around town brat, nothing too fancy. I'm far from this, but...
  18. Lower Profile battery for /71 CB350 cafe conversion

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, I'm looking for advice on how to create more negative space in the "V" below the seat where the stock air filters/covers used to be. Right now I'm pretty satisfied with it except the battery and housing hang down too far. I don't want to put it behind me under a modified "bubble seat"...
  19. CB200 New Battery Keeps Dying

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    All right... I'll try my best to paraphrase this situation. Just bought a 1973 CB200. I picked up a new battery at autozone, when the battery is fully charged and/or hooked to the battery tender the bike fires right up via electric start and idles around 2,800 RPMs. Then as soon as I take a spin...
  20. Battery Relocation on a CL 360

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey everyone, Im need new air filters on my cl360 and the factory parts are pricey and bulky. Im really wanting to use the pod filters but my battery box is in the way. Has anyone done a relocation on a cl360 that has some tips for me?