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  1. Project Logs
    This week I've started my new project on a 1974 Honda Cb360. I got this bike about 5 years ago in rural Iowa out of an old, decrepit barn that was nearly falling over. A family friend offered the bike to me for free, so I gave him $1 for it. I loaded it up and took the dust ball back to my...
  2. 20210817_172025.jpg

    Still in the barn, with better light from the door.
  3. IMG_20210816_230714.jpg

    Original spot where she's been for 20-30years plus
  4. Project Logs
    It's not mine yet, but this is potentially my second project bike (help me, I think I might be addicted). She's been sitting there for four years or so after her owner laid her down, drove home, and wrapped her up loosely. I'm not sure how to value it, since the current owner is a family...
  5. Member Introductions
    Greetings, Folks. New to the twin forum... not so new to vintage Hondas. My first Honda was a 1974 CB200 pulled out of a barn in Kansas for $200 and turned out to be a great bike. I took this bike down to the bare frame and throughly cleaned, polished and fixed every issue. All the work was...
  6. Member Introductions
    Hello All, After a long search I scored a beauty 1972 CB40 off Craigslist last fall. I really wanted the big 70's twin and something a bit different than all the cb350's out there. Everything I saw previously was out of my price range or in extremely rough condition. Then, an ad popped up...
  7. Engine Discussion
    New Rider and Owner. I decided to jump in head first and picked up a Barn find CB200 to restore. Sitting for 30+ years. Rusted pretty bad but I was told the engine moved and had good compression. But after getting it home the kick start won't engage and the transmission seems to only go as far...
  8. Project Logs
    Hi all! Started my cafe racer project recently and finally bit the bullet and joined! I've got CB350 K2 in Candy Red (faded..) from a importer in the UK. The engine was seized but I managed to free it but as the kickstarter seems to engage randomly I want to do a full engine rebuild and while...
  9. Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. Glad to be here! I just acquired a 1971 CB450. I'll make a long story short here. It's a barn find, I want to make a cafe racer. I know, it's a lot of work. But I'm prepared and not afraid to get my hands dirty or spend a bit of money. I've already put many hours into my xs650...
  10. Pictures and Videos
    I was looking for old Honda 305 parts bike and look what I found. You won't believe this place! You may have dreamed about it, but they really do exist where you least expect it. #motorcycle #vintagemotorcycle #305superhawk
  11. Project Logs
    Hello there, My name is Brian and I am embarking on a grand mission of building my first bike. I was able to pick up a very reasonably priced ($350) CL360 last summer (May 2014) and have begun the time-staking process of dismantling the bike. The bike was completely original along with a...
1-11 of 11 Results