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  1. Aftermarket exhaust causes backfire

    Engine Discussion
    Theory only on cm400t.... I'm running aftermarket baffled exhaust pipes, dual.... I'm running pods and jetting carbs 125 and 90. The bike runs good for age, with a little hiccup in top-end 2nd and 3rd gear, but cruises well in 4th and takes the juice without a problem. The hiccups are minor and...
  2. Idle Troubles

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Still trying to get my '73 CB450 running. After fixing an air leak caused by a stripped intake manifold bolt and getting the ignition timing and valve clearances set property Im still having issues while idling. The most current symptoms are: - revs high upon starting - stays high after...
  3. 72 cl350 right intake / exhaust backfire with erratic idle and acceleration

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    To start, the left side is perfect at all ranges. I can also throw the left carb on the right side along with the right fuel line and it runs perfect. I've also swapped jets and the diaphragm from the left, working, carb into the right and still had erratic idle and acceleration with backfiring...
  4. Air leak sound? [video]

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    In the space of a week, my bike went from the best it's ever ran to not running at all on the right cylinder without choke. The only way I'm verifying this is that the right side header is only warm, not scald your skin clean off hot. If anybody has a better way to verify if a cylinder is...
  5. 1969 CB450 Wont Start

    Engine Discussion
    Here we are again. Back story is I'm currently building my first CB450 Chopper and am moving along at a snails pace all of the sudden. I've done plenty of research but feel free to share any info/posts that I may have overlooked. Here's what I've done thus far and still can't get it to kick...
  6. cm450c Backfire, sluggish in first gear

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello all, I recently bought a cm450c, and got it running. Cleaned the carbs out, changed the spark, cleaned the petcock which was DISGUSTING!! It's running, but backfiring on acceleration, decel, and sometimes when I shift. Also, when I'm getting out of 1st gear, the bike barely moves. Then if...