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  1. Engine Discussion
    Hello, New to the forum, Names Brian. Northeast Ohio Lorain County Area, 28 Years Old DIY motorcycle enthusiast, Backyard mechanic no professional here but I do my best, Ive got a few motorcycles (74 cb500,71 Triumph Daytona 500,04 Suzuki DRZ400). I Rebuilt the top end of my cb500 and multiple...
  2. Engine Discussion
    Hi all, This past Thanksgiving, I blew (burned?) a hole in my '80 CM400a right piston. I purchased 1mm oversized pistons and took them and the cylinders to a machine shop, where they were bored and honed, and I've finally got everything back together, but it won't start. A year ago, I had taken...
  3. Bikes For Sale
    Has many new parts rings m/c rebuild kit seat looks great tank is so so, electronics seem to be in good shape need it gone do not wish to scrap. If your local to pick up p/m me and I can send my number for pics and directions.
  4. Member Introductions
    Well I love motorcycle and I love bringing them back to life even more, Just picked up this 78 hondamatic, gonna clean her up somewhat more of a restoration until I decide to tear into her, Rolling her up onto the truck was pretty rough so I already see caliper rebuilds and master cylinder...
1-4 of 5 Results