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  1. Other Bikes
    Howdy fellow wrenches (wrenchers? Wrenchees?), I'm having a little issue as I'm putting my '93 XR250 back together. The first mistake I made was not labeling three wires that leave the alternator and go to the regulator. The manual says they should be different colors but for whatever reason, on...
  2. Electrical Discussion
    So in the wiring diagram it says that the brown wire from the rectifier connects to light green w/ red off the crank. Is this correct? The green w/ red trace wire goes to the nuetral switch which im deleting, so could I just remove the green w/ red trace and the brown from the rectifier...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Is there any? If the thread pitch is the same, won't both work? After a long hard battle with each and every case screw, I finally get to remove my starter clutch and electric start and get back on the bike. I don't want to wait 2 weeks for a rotor puller to be shipped out. Can I just pick up a...
  4. Electrical Discussion
    I build a honda cb 125cc cafe racer. Everthing was working fine and did some test runs for about 10 kilometers and than some strange things happend. first the lights begin to flikker and than one by one the blown out than the motor didn't come up to speed and i could only drive in first or...
  5. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Anyone have an alternator stator for a 450 with good bolt holes?
  6. Engine Discussion
    My son and I just purchased a CL77 as a project bike. Won't be a show bike but we'll make it a nice presentable rider. It is a project. When we purchased it the only way we could get it to idle smoothly or run smoothly was to have the seller keep the battery charger connected. When we'd run...
  7. Electrical Discussion
    My Clymer manual has the yellow wire going from alt, reg, rect, all the way up to the "head light dimmer switch". There isn't, however, a yellow wire coming from my switch. The only unidentified wire coming from my head light dimmer switch is blue with a yellow stripe. Do I need a 4th connection...
  8. Electrical Discussion
    Hey folks. What should I use to secure these wires? The previous owner used electrical tape but I was wondering if it would be better to cut and wrap some heat shrink tubing.
  9. Electrical Discussion
    Can anybody help - nothing visible - which color for which number? Thanks!
1-9 of 9 Results