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  1. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey I took off the carb of my '78 400t and the ait to cab side seem to rotate fine. but the carb tot engine side (The throttle i think) is pretty stiff. I'm not sure is there is anything I could do to get it moving nicely? I used PB blaster / carb cleaner to free the other side (airbox to car).
  2. Engine Discussion
    Good afternoon folks! I am new to the twin world and I picked an admittedly leak prone bike (according to most mechanics I've spoken to). I have a 1979 CB400t II and I have it running like a top and safely at this point (again, thanks to a great mechanic). Next on my list is to start tackling...
  3. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hi I've got 1983 CB400T. Wondering if anyone had experimented with different front and/or rear sprocket sizes to improve top end speed and how far is too far in terms of affecting rideability. Thanks in advance, Dan.
  4. Engine Discussion
    So Im getting some 5th gear slippage when under reasonable throttle, so from the research Ive done it seems it would be a good idea to just go ahead and get a rebuild kit. Issue Ive come up with that is I have no idea exactly what I need. One kit has 6 fiber plates and 1 metal , springs and...
1-4 of 4 Results