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  1. Bikes and Parts For sale
    Anyone happen to have a decent Cylinder Head for a Cl360? I wrecked the Cam Journals in my old one, and the engine i just ordered off ebay arrived with fins broken off during shipping :/ still waiting on the insurance to figure that one out. Let me know! Liam
  2. Electrical Discussion
    I have a '76 360T that I bought and it is in beautiful condition. My son and I got it stared a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, someone had scavenged the headlight, turn signals and front brake assembly from it. My question is - I see this listing on Flee Bay for a '74 360T headlight stay...
  3. Engine Discussion
    I am getting a weak spark I’ve got a timed spark I’ve tried another coil I’ve tried a different points plate I’ve tried other points I can set the gap and timing on both sides I’ve checked all wires involved The other side has a strong spark I ran u jumper from the points to the coil to...
  4. Engine Discussion
    Can't find a thread for this so hope it is new! Anyone know if there is a torque setting for the cam cover bolts. Brenden from CMC mentions 14 in his video but doesn't specify what system ( ft.lbs, kg.m etc). Just starting to do the rebuild on my CL360. Incidentally I found that the clutch...
  5. Engine Discussion
    Hello, I am asking for help to troubleshoot an issue with shifting my 1975 CL360 with 6-speed transmission. It runs great and most of the time will upshift without issue. When accelerating in the upper rpm range, the shifter will not always engage the next higher gear. It will find a neutral...
  6. Electrical Discussion
    So I'll get to it real quick... Ive just installed a PAMCO v3 ignition on a 360 and am currently not getting a spark on either plug. When I initially received the unit, I wired it temporarily just to make sure it worked and was able to get the bike running on the left cylinder only. I figured...
  7. Bikes and Parts For sale
    Selling my project bike for a new camera =[ priorities! View my craigslist ad\ $1000 -New Motor -Needs electrical help -A lot of extra parts
  8. Engine Discussion
    I am looking for a set of pistons to go in my CB360, which is in need of being bored out. Any ideas on how well these pistons for a Yamaha xt225 might work in the cb360? They have a bore size of 70mm and the wrist pins have a diameter of 16mm. However, they are shorter in height. In theory...
  9. Project Logs
    So this bike will take the next 8 to 12 months to build so please be patient with me. The plan is to do a Toothless build for my wife. So with that in mind let the fun begin!! So I wanted to post this up so I have it up here the day that I purchased her for the fair price of $400. The...
  10. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    The cam followers on my 1975 CB360T are heavily worn. Cam lobes look okay though. If anyone has 4 decent rockers laying around I would gladly rid you of them.
  11. Engine Discussion
    For all you gear heads out there I need your help, I got this bike a few months ago not running, rebuilt the carbs got a new battery adjusted the valves and put it back together. and it started 3rd kick 5500rpm so after adjusting it down and transporting it, it wont start :( Now Ive takin apart...
  12. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    From what ive read about these bikes, the vacuum port on the carbs is a slightly weird size? Does anyone know the size? or know where i can get it? I got this 76' for 50 bucks and after rebuilding the carbs it runs but not "good". Any and all comments are appreciated. Thanks
  13. Engine Discussion
    Hi! I have a 76 cb360 that starts fine and rides great, but recently I've noticed a problem about a mile or so into each ride and it isn't so great. When I disengage the clutch to switch gears, the rpms go way up yet the bike severely slows down, until I reengage, at which point everything...
  14. Bikes and Parts For sale
    I bought this Luggage Rack off of Ebay, and have decided I don't want to do the modification and re-chrome to get it to fit my 350... so I am going to sell it for what I paid for it. The rack is in pretty good shape, little rough on the bottom side, will need re-chrome for show condition- will...
1-15 of 16 Results