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  1. WTB: FLOAT BOWL for '73 CB 350 Keihin carb

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I need to replace the float bowl on my late style Keihin carburetor for a CB350. Let me know if you have one to sell, please! Or where I might find one.
  2. 73 CB350 Front Brake Swap

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Is there a modern caliper that can be swapped in for the old asbestos front brakes? The old calipers are stuck and worn all the way down.
  3. Going Hard In The Paint????

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hey guys. This is my first thread and the whole reason I signed up for this forum. I am currently rebuilding a 71 CB350 and need some advise on the frame (swingarm, tripple tree, etc.) paint. Looking back now I could have saved a butt load of time and effort getting the parts properly powder...
  4. SL350 RPMs drop, then stalls

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, just picked up a 1972 SL350 this past weekend. It's in good condition and runs strong, other than the issue I've been having. It will start first or second kick without issue. I've gotten it through all the gears, and when its riding, it rides well. The only issue I'm having is that it...
  5. Ever had your cb350 stuck in neutral and unable to get into gear?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all! I found a real gem of a 1972 cb350 and have been performing a few basic new old bike fixes. The bike had been lightly ridden its entire life and well taken care of - although had sat for a bit over the past couple years. While change the two oil seals on the left side (the pushrod and...
  6. Honda OEM NOS dog leg style levers

    Parts For Sale
    Honda OEM NOS dog leg style levers. These will fit stock CB CL SL 350 CB450 CL450 Front brake and clutch perches that use cables from the late 60's thru early 70's. They also might fit other honda bikes $10 each lever + $3.50 shipping for up to (2) levers. Will only ship in the Continental...
  7. '71 cl370 head parts

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I have a '71 Honda CL350 and need some head parts Cam Shaft (14101 286) Left intake rocker arm Left intake valve
  8. Twin Fever in New Hampshire!

    Member Introductions
    Howdy y'all, just joining the forum after seeing some really great restorations alongside true knowledge and experience with these machines. Seems to be a great community I can both learn from and give to as I just started some basic restorations at the end of the summer. Haven't been riding or...
  9. WTB: CB350 Luggage Rack

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi, I'm looking for a luggage rack for my CB350K2. I prefer the style with rounded tubes, similar to this one: Hope you got one to spare. Thanks.
  10. looking for replacement 350

    Engine Discussion
    Motor is shot although it still runs on 1 cylinder. . It was a matching motor to frame. I am currently looking for a different motor and here are my options: I have available to me 2 -4 motors to choose from 68/9 cb350 (type 1) 5-10k mi 100-125 compression 70 cb350 7k mi 160 compression 73...
  11. 8 Months later; reassembly questions on a 68' CL 350 K0.

    Project Logs
    Alrighty, so I bought my 1968 Honda Cl 350 K0 8 months ago on December 6th of 2014. It took me from that evening until sometime in early February 2015 to get it down to a frame, a few boxes, and a bunch of zip lock baggies. From February throughout the start of spring I was cleaning dirt...
  12. Running 1969 CB350 with clean NJ title

    Bikes For Sale
    Selling a 1969 Honda CB 350. I bought it from the original owner and have the original title. The bike is in great shape considering its age and it does run. It has a brand new battery and only 5778 miles. The tank was recently dipped and is rust free. The headlight and brake light both work...
  13. 71 SL350 Roadblock :/

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    This is my first post, so I'm sorry for the newbness. I just bought an SL350 that had been sitting for a good while, and hasn't been street legal since 84. It isnt running, but I plan on returning it to its former glory. Im not a complete idiot when it comes to mechanical stuff and Ive been...
  14. RPMs highest with air mixture screw all the way in...?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I need help figuring out whats going on: My 68 K0 CL350 starts on the first kick without choke at 70 degrees, and runs well, but has a much slower throttle response than it used to; it feels underpowered at speeds up to 40 mph, which is as fast as i've taken it recently. At 10mph if I open the...
  15. 350 SL K1 fork dampening adjustment

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    A forum newb here, an old school 350 boy. I'm finishing up a restored K1 SL and doing road ready dial in. Testing 1-2-3. I won't be doing any motocross or canyon jumps with this bike,but mostly 40mph back roads and two tracks, occasional pavement @ 55. So said... The front forks on his bike...
  16. Okay... I've been waiting all winter and still NOTHING.

    Electrical Discussion
    Early last fall I limped the 1971 Honda 350 home. The right side would suddenly loose power while riding down the road. I cleaned both carbs, new fuel filters, replaced diaphragm (Had a tear in it) put it all back together and it fired up today! Road it around for 15 minuets and guess what.. All...
  17. Left point always on, right point won't turn on?

    Electrical Discussion
    So I've been teaching myself about my 1970 CB350. There's no spark on the left cylinder. I first checked the points using a multimeter and found they were good, so I went to the points next. Using a test light I clipped it to the right point and grounded the other side. The light never came on...
  18. Clutch springs for a 1972 CB350 Twin K4

    Engine Discussion
    So this has probably been covered. I might just not be able to find the thread. I've got a 1972 CB350 K4 that I'm turning into a bit of a street tracker. And I've got a clutch spring size question. The manual says the springs should be 31.5 when not under pressure. To be replaced when at 30.5...
  19. Cracked frame- What to do?

    Mechanical Issues
    Recently found out that my project -1971 cl350 has a crack in the frame. The crack is in the engine basket on the underside. Wondering what I can do about it?
  20. Need Help with my 1970 CB350

    Project Logs
    I am uncertain whether this part will work on my Honda CB350, it is a 1970 and a K2 Model I believe. The part I am looking at getting is a replacement coil pack. The website address is: Honda Ignition Coil - 30501-300-003 - CB350F CB400F CB500 CB550 CB750 will this work on my model?? Thanks :)