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  1. Bike Won't Go Past 4000 RPM

    Engine Discussion
    Hello all, I have a 1982 CB450SC. I recently changed the oil on it since the previous owner probably hadn't changed in about 5 years, but I didn't change the filter. I added Castrol 10W40. Now I'm having a few issues that I wasn't having before. When the bike idles, everything seems to be...
  2. Clutch will not disengage from Transmission - 1982 Honda CB 450 Nighthawk

    Engine Discussion
    I recently bought this bike, it was being converted into a cafe racer style, but previous owner stopped halfway through, so bike has been sitting for maybe 1-2 years. The first thing I noticed is that Clutch will not disengage from the transmission - I have the bike up on the center stand so...
  3. 1982 CB450T Cylinder Removal

    Engine Discussion
    Hello, I've been having trouble removing the cylinder. I've done as the manual says and have removed what needs to be removed. The cylinder moves freely by about 4mm until it stops. It feels as though as though it's coming into contact with another piece of metal, but looking at diagrams and...
  4. new kid in victoria bc

    Member Introductions
    hey y'all about two months ago i bought my first bike - 82 cb450 t hawk. it runs good, plan is to cafe it (eventually). i know heck all about bikes so this should be a good one. probably be around with many dumb questions in the future - :) Char
  5. 82 CM450c rehab: sludgy forks and mystery washers

    Project Logs
    Feeling a bit discouraged/intimidated by all work yet to be done, so thought I would post a re-cap of everything that's been worked on the last month or so I've had the bike. So first things first, new battery, new spark plugs (old ones were BLACK), drained the old gas, added seafoam into the...
  6. 1982 CB450SC carb rebuild at a VERY new amateur mechanic

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello all, I am pretty new to this whole thing and never would have dreamed I'd take apart and rebuild a carb. It is a project I've been doing late at night after studying for boards, as I'm a second year medical student. I definitely don't have much experience in this stuff so any help would...
  7. First motorcycle, 1982 Honda CM450c in Alberta, Canada

    Member Introductions
    I rode dirtbikes as a kid, and decided this was the summer I was going to get my motorcycle license. I knew I wanted an 80's Honda, and when I saw this 1982 Honda CM450c on Kijiji, I picked it up. It is pretty much stock parts, but generally neglected, although running. There's a lot of dings...
  8. 1982 CB450SC Part Out

    Parts For Sale
    Hello All, I just picked up a Nighthawk 450 with no title. The engine, handlebars, ignition, kill switch and headers won't be sold. Everything else is fair game. PM me or post what you are looking for and where you are (zip code) and I will get back to you with pics and prices. I will post pics...
  9. 1982 CB450T Broken Wheel

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hey guys, I'm posting here because I'm not sure what else to do concerning the problem I have with my rear wheel. A few days ago I was riding around in the city and came up to an intersection. I heard some loud rattling, so I decided it would be best to push it to the side walk. Upon...
  10. 1982 cb750 Nighthawk Gas Tank

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    The gas tank on my '82 cb750 Nighthawk is leaking. I think the leak is coming from the fuel gauge sender unit gasket under the tank. I replace the o-ring gasket but, of course, when tightening the nuts back up, I snapped one of the posts off the tank. The gasket does appear to have helped but...
  11. Utah newbie

    Member Introductions
    Utah newbie (Pics) Hi everyone. I recently picked up a '82 450 Nighthawk by accident. I was playing with an online auction, and a $30 bid ended up winning it. It's very weathered, throttle is seized, no brake fluid, tires and seat are rotted, carb gaskets are shot, and it had no keys. The...
  12. CB450SC Lighting Questions & Coil Upgrade Question

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, Motorcycle is a North American 1982 CB450SC. 1. Tach is not illuminated. I'm assuming the bulb is burned out. Anything to watch out for when I get around to changing the bulb? 2. The front left (as I'm sitting on the MC) yellow light does not initially light up like a parking light...
  13. 1982 Nighthawk 450 Carburetor

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to this site so I don't know if this has been posted before but here goes. I'm taking out my Carb this weekend but I'm not sure if I need to take off the gas tank first. Most things I've seen have the tank off already but I don't know if that is part of more general work on the...
  14. 82 CM 450 Custom blowing main fuse

    Electrical Discussion
    PLAESE HELP!! 1982 CM 450 Custom blowing main fuse My 1982 Honda cm 450 custom project keeps blowing the main fuse in the fuse box. I took out the headlight fuse, left the tail light fuse in and it was fine, the main didn't blow. So I took the tail light fuse out put the headlight fuse in, and...
  15. 1982 CM450E Jonny Valor Project

    Project Logs
    About a month ago I purchased a 1982 CM450E with ~30K miles. I've heard many people say these engines don't do well at high miles, but I'm going to take the risk and build my dream cruiser. My short term goals are to get the bike street legal and safe. So far I've replaced the front brake...