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  1. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hi Forum, I've got my friend's bike in my garage wasting space. He's finally getting around to rebuilding it after crashing several years ago. We needed to rebuild the forks so we have pulled and drained. I believe the forks are the same as the ones on an 1981 CB400T and so I have found the...
  2. Member Introductions
    I'm from New Brunswick, Canada and came into a 1982 CB450T Hawk with roughly 25,000KM (15,000 miles) and stored for the past "several" years. This forum has been an absolute treasure trove of information for me trying to get it back on the road. Thank you all so much! List of items done so...
  3. Member Introductions
    hey y'all about two months ago i bought my first bike - 82 cb450 t hawk. it runs good, plan is to cafe it (eventually). i know heck all about bikes so this should be a good one. probably be around with many dumb questions in the future - :) Char
  4. Miscellaneous Discussion
    New to the forum, and also new to motorcycles! (3 months riding) The bulb in my headlight has burnt out. I am not used to dealing with sealed beam headlights. I have been looking online and am having a hell of a time finding a replacement. I am open to replacing it with a newer halogen bulb...
  5. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I ordered a carb rebuild kit for my 1982 CB450t Hawk (attached an image below). There are 8 o-rings in the kit but I can't figure out where they all go even from looking at the manual. I see that one goes on the pilot screw after the spring and washer. I'm assuming the 4 larger ones are for the...
  6. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi all, I have a 1982 Honda CB450T Hawk. I recently took the carbs apart to rebuild and found that one of the slow jet plugs is missing. I looked online and researched but couldn't find them for sale anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get these, what they are supposed to look like (I'm not...
1-6 of 6 Results