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  1. Erosion of layer within front sprocket shaft? weird

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I have a ‘67 CB450K0 and I’m doing some work on the front sprocket. I was looking into the hollow indentation of the shaft that holds onto the front sprocket, and noticed that there SEEMED to be what used to be a yellow-ish hardened layer that covered the metal shaft, but this layer now seems to...
  2. 1976 CB500T "pops" when under load, specifically between 4k-5k RPM

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I bought a 1976 CB500T with 3400 original miles on it. It's in beautiful shape, as it sat in a garage most of its life. I have cleaned the carbs twice and also bought brand new OEM spec carb rebuild kits. Everything in the kits were put into the carbs, except the new needles, because the...
  3. 1976 CB200T Throttle cable is out of control!

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello guys, I'm working on a 1976 CB200T. The previous owner had the slides in the wrong carbs. I've got them oriented correctly now and on the correct sides of the bike. I dialed in the idle-stop and idle-air mix screws and it was running fantastically, idling around 1400 RPM. I started to...
  4. '76 CJ360T won't start

    Electrical Discussion
    Bike has been running great up until a couple days ago. Now I'm not getting any power from the main ignition switch--no lights, horn, etc. Battery is fully charged, fuses are all good, and most of the electrical connections I've been able to check and clean *seem* to be good. Bike is kick start...
  5. Honda CB200T left hand switch assembly help

    Electrical Discussion
    So I am having a hell of a time finding the correct part for my bike. Every left hand switch assembly I see does not include the headlight switch, they just come with the horn and turn signals. Here's the assembly I bought on accident next to my old broken one: If anyone knows where I can buy...
  6. So, I bought a bike in boxes - 73' CB360 Build

    Project Logs
    I love Hondas. Always have. Owning my own Honda CB is something I have wanted for a few years now and I guess you can say my dream has come true, in a very misconstrued, backwards, ironic, kind of way. Once I was financially able to buy a CB I started casually scouring craigslist for a deal on...
  7. 1976 CB360 Opening bottom engine that holds rocker arms

    Engine Discussion
    Hi all, I have a 1976 CB360 and had a hole blown in my piston from running too lean and need some info on how to open the bottom portion of my engine that holds the rocker arms so that I can clean out any debris that may have gotten down in there (any special tools etc.). I've already purchased...