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  1. 1975 CB200T Mystery Leak

    Engine Discussion
    I'm gonna start off by apologizing, because I'm completely new here, and to this bike, and I'm probably gonna sound like a big dumbass, but the other day I walked outside to an unusual smell. Bike had been sitting unridden for close to a week, and there was now some new... residue under it, and...
  2. Honda crash bar installation

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I have a 1975 Honda cb500t and an original crash bar/ guard. Anyone have any tips on how to beat install it? Would I have to take off the exhaust?
  3. Hello!

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. Found this gem of a forum after purchasing my first ever bike, a 1975 CB 200. The website is one of the better discussion websites I’ve seen. Kudos to everyone involved in the development and support of the site! As this is my first bike, I’m sure I’ll have more questions than...
  4. 1975 CB 360T

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I've been on here a long time now and realized I'd never posted an intro, so here goes! I bought this non running CB360T when i was living in Cali a few years back with the intentions of just doing the bare minimum to get it running. At the time I had absolutely zero...
  5. 1975 Honda CB 360t Start To Finish

    Project Logs
    Hello Guys, been a frequent viewer of Honda Twins for the past 3 years and just wanted to take a little time to show the community what I have been working on. I really wanted to go for a cafe style build but thinking more about it I figured Id try and go for the most original, factory build I...
  6. Eliminating Some Guages ... Need advice ... Thanks!

    Electrical Issues
    Hey All, I am midway through my '75 CB360T build and am close to rewiring it ... my plan is to eliminate the Tachometer (have already plugged the tachometer cord port on the engine) and the Indicator Lights (High Beam, Turn & Neutral) ... I am not sure however, what this does to the wiring as...
  7. CB360 only revving to 3.5-4k Rpms?

    Project Logs
    it seems that I'm not getting all the power I should be getting, the throttle is very touchy and if I pull all the back at once it will only go to about 3.5-4k Rpms, what could cause this? Maybe resinc the carbs? Thanks in advance for your guys help! Very much appreciated ( 1975 Honda cb360t)
  8. Wanted: 1975 honda cb360t parts

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello all, I'm a little new to this page, but I am looking for a set of Honda cb360t carburetor diaphragms, a front fender, new front and back tires, tachometer cable, throttle push and pull cable, left and right side exhaust (matching) and a gas tank with no dents and clean inside, I'm located...
  9. Another CL360 Kickstarter question

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, Im clearly new here, also new to motorcycles. I do have some mechanical inclination, and Im not afraid to get my hands dirty. I have a 1975 CL360 that I have been working on for a few months. I had it running and strong, was working on syncing the carbs and dropping the idle (not in...
  10. 1975 Honda CB500t

    Bikes For Sale
    Hey guys i know a lot of you have probably seen my threads about this very bike, and sadly it has just become too much for me. she took my heart and soul and stomped on it. And just when i thought she loved me again, she stomped on it again. I can no longer bare it. for those of you who don't...
  11. Honda CB200T left hand switch assembly help

    Electrical Discussion
    So I am having a hell of a time finding the correct part for my bike. Every left hand switch assembly I see does not include the headlight switch, they just come with the horn and turn signals. Here's the assembly I bought on accident next to my old broken one: If anyone knows where I can buy...