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1975 honda cb360

  1. HELP!! Left Cylinder Won't Fire Until Roughly 3500 RPM!

    Engine Discussion
    My 1975 CB360T was running perfectly for almost a year after I got it running. I recently put premium gas in the tank because it was recommended to me by a local shop. Ran premium with Sea-Foam for about 20 miles then started having problems with the left cylinder not wanting to fire until about...
  2. 1975 Honda CB360T Engine Problem

    Project Logs
    Hello once again Honda Twins! Love the site but hate that my bike doesnt run properly yet..some of us are in the same boat. Anywho, My bike will start and idle just fine, it will idle all day. When i go to give it any power once it reaches 4k ish RPMS, it seems like it just dies out, Here are...
  3. 1975 Honda CB360T took a poop.

    Project Logs
    Hello, So the past few days, I have been busting ass putting my bike together and getting it tuned right. I recently put on a new gas tank, side covers for the air box, cleaned my carbs, put 2 new carb rebuild kits in, new brakes, new tachometer cable, new fender, and a new idle adjustment...
  4. '75 CB360 Project Bike

    Project Logs
    Just wanted to introduce myself to the Honda Twins community along with my current project bike! This is Joe here, unfortunately I don't have pics of the bike before I already started some work on it. I did purchase it running. It did not have a seat that fit on the bike (you'll see the pics...