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1972 cl350

  1. 1972 CL350 Tail light issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Okay, The brake light works normally, but the tail light only comes on when the ignition key is all the way to the right. the attached pic shows two open wires (unconnected) running to the rear end, I don't know if that would have something to do with it. everything else electrical seems to...
  2. 1972 CL350 turns 1972 miles

    Pictures and Videos
    I am her father and the only parent she's ever had. Was living in a suburb of a smaller city when I bought her. Shortly thereafter I moved to a major metropolitan area and was scared stiff to ride her. Would get her out of the garage every year, wash and wax her, crank her up and go for a ride...
  3. what is a good price for a 1972 CL350?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello, this will be my first bike and restoration, i posted a wanted ad on CL and someone offered be there 1972 CL350 for $500, he says that all it needs is a new battery and a good carb cleaning and since im really new to this i was just wondering if this is a good price? thanks for the...