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1972 cb350

  1. 1972 CB350 K4 Front End

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    New to forum, but Honda's have been in my blood since my first street bike (40 yrs. ago). I recently purchased a 1972 CB350 K4 and my plans are to café it out. It has external springs and I want to swap them out for a front end with internal springs. I would like to keep the front wheel...
  2. 72 CB350 beginner build

    Project Logs
    After lots of inspiration from this and other forums, I bought my first bike recently for my 36th birthday. Looking forward to digging in and learning to do as much of the work myself. Here is the bike when I received it. From a test ride and inspection, it is running on one cylinder (left...
  3. 1972 CB350 resoration

    Project Logs
    Hey all. I just joined Honda Twins because I inherited a 1972 CB350 from my Grandfather. The bike as been in his shed for atleast 20 years. He had it covered with a few sheets and a tarp. So far all I have done is moved it into my garage. I looked in the gas tank and it all looks pretty good. It...