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  1. exhaust mufflers from early cb450 and wanted left side muffler for 1968 cb50

    Parts For Sale
    Have a very good right and left muffler for a early I guess a black bomber cb450. I am working on a 1968 cb450 for someone and it only has the right side correct muffler but in the spare parrts there is a pair right and left muffler for an earrlier model. The earlier mufflers have a ear to mount...
  2. Sha's 1968 CB350 Project

    Project Logs
    I'm happy to have this little bike in my life to learn with. I'm fairly inexperienced but very determined and eager to learn; I appreciate any advice and respectful discussion. I've seen a lot of good people and learned a lot of good things just reading the forum so far. I would consider this a...
  3. 8 Months later; reassembly questions on a 68' CL 350 K0.

    Project Logs
    Alrighty, so I bought my 1968 Honda Cl 350 K0 8 months ago on December 6th of 2014. It took me from that evening until sometime in early February 2015 to get it down to a frame, a few boxes, and a bunch of zip lock baggies. From February throughout the start of spring I was cleaning dirt...
  4. 1968 cd125

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey all, I'm thinking about buying an older project bike, and I came across a 1968 CD125 that looks pretty complete, but I'm having trouble deciphering the differences in model numbers between countries. Anyhow, it's a Canadian bike, and so far my Google searches for 'CD125' have mostly...
  5. Simple headlight replacement on CL125?

    Electrical Discussion
    Trying to figure out the wiring for the headlight on my 68' CL125. Last owner blew the headlight (can't remember how..) and I have a new replacement. Know next to nothing about wiring but... should this really be that hard? Thought it would be be as simple as matching up the wires... Would...
  6. 1968/1969 Honda CD175

    Project Logs
    I got this bike from my father 4 years ago and never touched it. I recently moved to North Carolina from California and was feeling sentimental, so he sent it to me for my birthday. It's my first project and I'm excited to see if I can get it running. The guy my dad got it from had it sitting in...
  7. CB175 new mufflers and pipe exhaust system that I cannot identify

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Many years ago, I purchased (what I thought) was a brand new NOS direct replacement for my 1970 Honda CB175 exhaust system. Unfortunately, when my $650 surprise package arrived from Thailand, I did NOT check the hangar and bolt pattern until the winter, whereupon I discovered that the exhaust...
  8. CB450 K1 Speedometer Cable

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hey everyone, So I've been slugging ahead on my CB450 K1 project. It's a year 1969, with drum brakes in the front and rear. I'm missing the speedometer cable, and I've been having a dreadfully hard time finding one. Does anyone have any ideas on where I could find a compatible speedo cable...