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1973 350G 2018-2021 Restoration
Trying out common motors bar end mirrors
These two little Honda's were responsible for getting many people into riding and, I hope my kids will enjoy them someday as well. CM91 w/ semi-auto clutch and the Sport S90 with a manual transmission give the rider the chance to learn the ropes.
Canadian issue 1974 Honda CD175
After moving the hardbags over from my cm400a, adding a shield and a fresh coat of paint!
1980 Honda cm200t Twinstar, green
My city bike, just at 5000 orig miles, 4200 of them are mine since 2017.
New to me, this season.
Just one of my riders for this year, recommissioned after 5 years of "out of rotation" hibernation!
Getting close now, mainly electrics and fluids. Been a slow process, after all this time I’m not even sure I chose correct colours
1974 CB200K0. 7,000 original miles. Tachometer broke after first restoration. Have only put 300 miles since then.
This is my very first motorcycle ever bought.
Honda's first "CB" was the CB92. Only 246 imported to the USA in 1961
Purchased in 1975. 2nd and 4th owner.
My father in-law bought this new. I got it about 1998, neglected but ok.
This bike was in desperate condition with a seized engine, slowly rusting away beneath West Texas dust, but the bike was mostly complete. It sat another five years in my garage disassembled and stored in crates. Finally decided it was time to bring this old neglected beast to life again. It's...
CB360 build It’s going on 3 years I think.
46 year old man who likes old stuff and unique things.
Gentlemens Ride 2017
Autumn ride in Azerbaijan