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  1. Cm400a idles perfect, but engine cuts when you shift to first?

    Electrical Discussion
    From the side stand switch the green and white wire goes to the CDI unit and the green and black wire goes to the change switch relay. Yours should be the same as mine. one wire from the side stand switch goes CDI unit under the tank and one goes under the plastic cover.What Rod is suggesting is...
  2. Cm400a idles perfect, but engine cuts when you shift to first?

    Electrical Discussion
    Sorry but I am having trouble understanding your problem from the post. On the A model the change switch transistor acts as a switch . When the bike is in neutral the transistor is on. When the side stand is down the the side stand switch is on. With the motor running and the bike in neutral it...
  3. 5,000 mile engine assembly (low budget) update

    Engine Discussion
    Why dont we have time to do it right but all ways have time to do it over.This is not against doode. In the first half of my working life I was a millwright and later a maintenance foreman.Management was always pushing to get it work we will fix it later. I got tired of it and if it would take...
  4. Points Felt Oil?

    Engine Discussion
    They make an electric grease for that you can buy at any car parts store but as 66 Sprint and ancientdad say a little oil or chain lube. Bill
  5. CA 160 owners manual

    Parts For Sale
    Cleaning up the shop some I found a CA 160 owners manual and a few CA 160 carb parts. The CA 160 carb is the same as the CB 160 right carb except maybe the jets size.I paid $60.00 for the manual and would like to get my money back. Parts are free with the manual. If interested shout me a...
  6. Looking for Honda Dream Shop manual

    You might try the 305 site. Its mostly CB 77 but there may be some things there you can use.
  7. Brake light madness..Losing my mind

    Electrical Issues
    Probably not your problem but I once had a good bulb that wasnt making contact with the holder. Put a little solder on the spots and it worked ok. Just saying. Bill
  8. 1966 CB77 red - what's it worth

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Looks like whats there is in fair shape . Its missing the air cleaners and tubes, chain guard and drive chain some rubber bits. Also the rear brake peddle has been modified.No mirrors or buddy pegs. Thats what I can see from the photos. Im thinking maybe $2000.00 because it is a CB 77. Bill
  9. Rebuilding my cb 400A

    Project Logs
    Ok Thanks Jim, Will use the bolts since I have them.. I will paint cylinder and start gathering up the motor bits and may get to the motor next week. Bill
  10. Rebuilding my cb 400A

    Project Logs
    Hi Jim. When I replaced the left sleeve the top of the sleeve was a few thousands lower than the top of the cylinder. I had the cylinder milled to level for the gasket.I didnt check it but maybe the cm 400 sleeve top ring was smaller than the cb 400 sleeve. When I installed it it sat a little...
  11. Rebuilding my cb 400A

    Project Logs
    One photo of the cm 400 cylinder I will replace the bad cylinder with. Bill
  12. Rebuilding my cb 400A

    Project Logs
    As some of you know I can no longer ride but still like to work on these old bikes. I picked up a none running 1978 CB 400A that had no spark. Tested and replaced the stator and it started up but ran poorly. !70 PSI in the right cylinder but 40 PSI in the left. took it down and the left sleeve...
  13. Honda CB350 Old school chopper

    Project Logs
    I like it because its different. The 350 is one of the easiest motors to work on with lots of parts out there.. A lot of knowledge here. have fun. Bill
  14. Alignment issues?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I took the triple off and placed it on a flat service . I used my table saw table. Take a bright light and shine it from the rear and see if the triple sets the same at all contact points. In my case the right side was a little elevated.Check both top and bottom. Yes I know its a pain to put...
  15. Storing outside without rusting tank?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    You could try outboard motor fogging oil. I used it on my watercraft for about 40 years. Ive also used Stabil and WD40 but I do store the tanks inside. There also my be some sealer in outboard motor oil. I have a spare 6 gal tank that I havent used in over 25 years stored in a barn and its...
  16. Alignment issues?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    May not be your problem but I had one like it on a cb77. Found the upper triple was out a little bit.Small amount on the triple down the length of the fork was enough to give alignment problems. I ended up replacing the triple. Bill
  17. Amazing finds...

    Off Topic
    Salvador Dali is alive and well and now working with metal. Bill
  18. Christmas jingles garage style

    Off Topic
    Someone has way to much time on his hands. Bill
  19. 1972 Honda cl100 resurrection

    Other Bikes
    Nice work. Bill
  20. Opinions on clearcoat, engine painting and heat retention

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I havent blasted one yet that beads went where you dont want them. Not a Honda but a friend had to tear down a fresh Cobra engine for that reason. I do pre heat parts for powder never thought about it for paint. Be careful how you position the cylinder as the sleeves will be loose at that temp...
1-20 of 479 Results