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Jackets that won't break the bank?

Thread: Jackets that won't break the bank?

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    Brent said:
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    Has anyone tried the Viking Warlock? It's got pretty good reviews and it looks well-ventilated. It's also got a liner when it's cooler. I just wish they made it like all silver, in the Summer the black isn't exactly ideal to fend off the heat. I've got a Joe Rocket Atomic 5 which I really like, but it has no mesh, and it does get hot in the Summer when you're not moving. Not sure how much cooler a mesh jacket would get though, it might not be worth it here in MD, I don't know...
    It would be interesting to know what the mesh is made from. I picture it shredding as you slide along the pavement or worse melting. I chuckled when I read "feel safe, protected". Shouldn't it say, be safe and protected with our supermesh system, or something along those lines?
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    DethHalo said:
    As a general rule, I don't wear any "plastic" clothing on the bike... natural all the way (cottons and leathers).
    I may be way off, but in the event of a crash, the thought of the polyester/nylon fabrics melting into my skin worries me...
    That said, I do have an older pair of Joe Rocket Ballistic pants that are awesome in the rain and easy to pull on over my boots.
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    Olivier said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Brent View Post
    I chuckled when I read "feel safe, protected". Shouldn't it say, be safe and protected with our supermesh system, or something along those lines?
    Good point!! What their website says is that "Our Signature Fabric is a 100% 600D Polyester coated by PU (polyurethane)". I would hope that they tested it, but I do not know, and obviously I shouldn't go with just hope. That being said I could have sworn I saw some reviews on amazon from people who unfortunately did go down with it and reported it held up well...

    Personally, I really like the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0. Sucks that's it's 3 times the price, but I prefer it because 1) I already have a Joe Rocket jacket and I like it a LOT (Atomic 5), 2) there's one model that's entirely light gray in color (the last thing I want when I'm out and it's how is an all-black jacket! Or black anywhere really...) and 3) I think it's all mesh outside (as opposed to no mesh on the forearms for example). I just wonder how noticeably cooler it'd feel compared to my Atomic jacket though, so whether or not it'd be worth it shelling out another $160 for a second jacket that I might not really need. So far we've had a few crazy hot days here in MD and the Atomic is not too bad... I head out to work at 6:40 am typically so no issues, so the only time I'm hot is on my commute back (~20 mins) and when running errands... so the $50 Ironside jacket seems like a more sensible choice.
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