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Price too high?

Thread: Price too high?

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  1. LGR's Avatar

    LGR said:

    Price too high?

    Looking at buying this but seems to much. Bike is ready to go. This guy owns a shop and restores and sells them. Right now I have no reason to believe it’s not in tip top shape. Just think it’s too much.
    What do you guys think? 68 CL77 350 Asking 6000
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  2. ctrider's Avatar

    ctrider said:
    Well it sure is a beauty. I do find the price a little high, but it is probably the going rate for
    a nice restored bike.
    I always believe that if you really want something, it is okay to overpay a bit.
    Otherwise someone else will be walking away with it.
    Offer him 5 and he will probably counter with 5.5
    Good luck
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  3. LGR's Avatar

    LGR said:
    Here is a little of what he says about it. I’m a novice so don’t really know.

    Rare 1 or 200 factory repaint in orange by Honda to move last of stock after the release of the Honda 350. Gorgeous original paint
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  5. krukster86's Avatar

    krukster86 said:
    Yikes that is a lot, but this guy must know that there are people that won't blink at paying that much money for a tip top restored bike. That is more than I paid for all 3 of my bikes combined...
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  6. ancientdad's Avatar

    ancientdad said:
    I'm not sure I believe the story of the color... during the 305 era, most if not all colors were not candy, they were solid colors. We know Honda did some limited availability stuff, like the Red Dragon and the red-framed CL77s, but someone here with better knowledge of the period would have to confirm the copper/orange color on this bike as being a limited-availability thing from Honda for the CL77 as I never saw or heard of it. Does look nice though... as for price, I think it's a bit high too but God bless him if he sells them in that range because you know he has a lot of work in it

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  7. mike in idaho's Avatar

    mike in idaho said:
    The last run of the 305 scramblers were like that, chrome fenders and candy colored paint. They came in orange, blue and silver(I bought a blue one that year), as far as I know the frames were all black. Gas tanks had a visible seam down the center and the gas crossover line was eliminated that year. Rubber covered driver's foot pegs instead of the all steel previous ones. One year of production but hardly "rare, limited production". Looks like a nice survivor example, some wear showing but overall quite nice.
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  8. ancientdad's Avatar

    ancientdad said:
    Thanks for the confirmation Mike - good to know. The bike does look damn nice. The CL77 has only one entry in the ID Guide, covering all years and with no mention of the frame colors or the last run of tank colors, or the exhaust differences either

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  9. Bill H's Avatar

    Bill H said:
    I agree with ctrider its worth what you are willing to pay for it. In my neck of the woods it wouldnt sell ,people just dont have the money. If your really interested I would walk in with a pocket full of cash and start low and see where it goes.

  10. Mr. Mike's Avatar

    Mr. Mike said:
    Over the years I have seen the candied orange color scheme that the owners claim is OEM. I don’t doubt that it’s true, just as the description says, “ rare” in color. Is it true as your post says, it’s a CL77 “350”, or was that a typo?
    For 6K it’s priced right under “concourse” and above “excellent” condition. Have you seen this bike in person?
    Take a look at “” and see just how wildly the asking prices can range.
  11. ancientdad's Avatar

    ancientdad said:
    ^^^yeah, I'll say... check out this ad - and interesting that you must have to sign up to be able to read the ad copy that is partially available in the listings

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