Shopping for rubber for CA77....
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    Shopping for rubber for CA77....

    Not much in the way of w. walls. Most are from Singapore. BTW, Ancientdad, couple of those offers from Singapore seem dubious as to whether you get one or two tires....they say "set" or 2 pcs., but who knows. Some NOS Goodyear on Fleabay for around a buck and a half per. Dunno about new old rubber...
    Some nice looking blackwalls….anybody cheat and paint your own ? Maybe "Elastomeric" roof is latex based....
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    Yep, plenty of dubious ads for sale out there. Though it doesn't show up well in that old scanned photo, the tires on my CA72 were the "checkered sports" style white walls of the era, not a solid white stripe, but my Dad was buying the parts and that's what he chose, I'm not really enamored with w/w either

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