wheel off set tolerance?
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    wheel off set tolerance?

    got the spokes laced and the wheel trued on my 71 cb175, before I removed the hub the off set was 1/4 inch, now its 5/16 inch, 1/16 inch more, how much can I be off, is the offset for lining up the chain?

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    1/16th inch isn't much. Put the wheel in the swing arm see if the rim is centered.
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    That offset shouldn't be a problem. The chain has almost that much lateral play on the sprocket.
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    Its not for lining up the chain, your wheel spacers set that up. Rim offset is more a function of centering the tire between the forks or swingarm. If you're not running a wider than stock tire you may be fine. Depending on your riding style you may or may not notice the difference. I don't think the Honda FSM gives a tolerance for offset.

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